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How to Make Chinese Pancakes – Oriental Cooking Episode 2

Scrambled Eggs and Rice Mix Vid:
Hello Everyone! Apparently I get the option to pick whatever thumbnail I like now, so that is nice. Chinese Pancakes in my opinion is one of the most simplest recipes there is. The video is 16 minutes but the recipe only takes about 5 minutes for 2 pancakes. You can make your morning a whole lot better! The next video I am doing is another cooking video featuring dumplings. The video after that is a makeup video(Im doing it) and the one after is another movie trailer. Questions? Comment Down Below! Until then!
–More Description to be Updated Maybe…–

0:00 – 0:36 Intro
0:37 – 1:16 Intro #2
1:17 – 3:25 Materials and ingredients for Chinese Pancakes
3:26 – 3:38 The Vacuum
3:39 – 4:21 Cracking Open The 2 Eggs & How This Process Works
4:22 – 6:08 How to Mix and Beat Your Eggs
6:09 – 8:48 Adding The Other Ingredients to you Egg Mix to Make Batter
8:49 – 10:30 Applying and Heating Your Oil
10:31 – 12:52 Making Your Pancake From the First Half of Your Batter
12:53 – 15:28 Pancake From Second Half of Batter/Lesson on Why Not to Overheat Your Pancake
15:43 – 16:24 Conclusion, Finishing the Pancake Dish

0:00 – 0:16 Ren and Stimpy – Pizzicato Playtime
0:18 – 0:39 Ren and Stimpy – Pizzicato Playtime (Modded in Logic Pro X)
4:53 – 5:23 Ren and Stimpy – Comic Song
7:45 – 7:59 The Sacrament – HIM
8:20 – 8:31 Escape – Craig Armstrong
10:06 – 10:22 & 11:07 – 11:16 Girls Like You – Maroon 5
12:26 – 12:32 We are Number One – Lazy Town
16:12 – 16:24 Roll With The Punches – Lenka

My Whole Filmmaking Gear:
Microphone with Phone Holder:…
Moment Wide Lens:…
Moment Tele Lens:…
Moment Anamorphic Lens:…
Moment Superfish Lens:…
Wireless Lavalier Microphone:…
DJI Mavic Air (Drone) & Extra Accessories(+2 batteries and other goodies):…
Mavic Air ND Filters:…
Extended Mavic Air Controller Cable:…
DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal 2 Bundle:…
Gimbal Counterweight for Moment Lenses:…
Moment Case:…
AND the Moment APP
Main Tripod:…
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X
Music Creation: Logic Pro X

Original of the video here

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