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Video Transcription

first I’m going to mix my dryingredients together one and a half cupsof all-purpose flour one and a halfteaspoons of baking powder one teaspoonof salt and two tablespoons of sugar[Music]okay I’m just gonna go ahead and mixthose dry ingredients together okay guysI’m gonna go ahead and mix up my wetingredients I have 1 and 1/4 cup of milknow you can use buttermilk or you canuse half and halfbut I’m using 1 and 1/4 cup of milk it’sat room temperature and I have a half acup of butter okay that was 1 tablespoonof pure vanilla extract I’m just gonnago ahead and whisk those up until theyare uniform in color okay I’m gonna goahead and add in my eggsI’m gonna mix it all together mmm smellsso good you guys that vanilla smells sogood okay I’m gonna go ahead and switchbones cuz I’m gonna mix my wetingredients to my dry ingredients so I’mjust gonna put my flour right there andI’m just gonna go ahead and pour the eggmixture in there I’m just go ahead andmix that up till it’s nice and mixedtogether but it can have mops now that’show you make good pancakes you just mixit up very very well and what smells sogood guys oh so good okay now that wegot it all mixed up we’re just gonna goahead and start making these deliciouspancakes[Music]okay I’m going to use this half a cupmeasuring cup right here you can makethem any size you want[Music][Music][Music]okay Bob another 30 seconds we’ll takethat one out[Music]see that smoke coming from nearly hothotcakes[Music]okay we’re all done guys now you guysknow I love butter so I just gonna poursome melted butter just a little bitover the pancakes it’s melted butter[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]

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