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How to Make Buttermilk Pancakes from Scratch | NuWave Primo Grill

How to Make Buttermilk Pancakes from Scratch | NuWave Primo Grill

How to Make Buttermilk Pancakes from Scratch | NuWave Primo Grill. How to cook pancakes in the NuWave Primo Grill Oven. You can enjoy tasty buttermilk pancakes from an indoor grill. The NuWave Primo Combo Grill Oven is a new smokeless indoor grill, that also has the power of an oven. You can use it for breakfast, lunch or dinner foods. And can even cook homemade buttermilk pancakes from scratch with it. Watch now and see a full buttermilk pancake recipe cooked in the NuWave Primo Grill Oven. This shows how versatile the NuWave Primo is, and can cook meals for any need.

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Buttermilk Pancakes (NuWave Primo Grill Oven Recipe)

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Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe used in this video:

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Video Transcription

Paisano way loving recipes and today I’mgoing to cook up pancakes in the newways primo grill oven that’s rightpancakes on an indoor grill we’re gonnaget started with that right now allright so we have a lot of ingredients togo through this pancake recipe comesfrom a recipe website that I will linkin the video description I’ve used thisbefore when I was doing some pancakesand the NuWave melody skillet so samerecipe if you saw that video butbasically it consists of a couple oflarge eggs a couple cups of buttermilkfour tablespoons of melted butter I’vegot some basically half a teaspoon ofvanilla extract here two tablespoons ofsugar two teaspoons of baking powder ateaspoon of baking soda and I’ve got oneteaspoon of saltthat’s kosher salt I’ve got a couplecups of all-purpose flour as well andI’ll be using a little cooking spray inthe pan that I’ve got on the NuWaveprimo there but this all starts and I’mgoing to just tell you what I’m gonna bedoing here because I’m gonna have theblender going so I won’t be able to talkwith it making all its noise going toblend up the enix till they are nice andfluffy and then I’m going to add thebuttermilk then add the butter then addB now extract then add the flour thenadd the sugar then add the baking powdernetflix other than that salt so I’mgonna do all that now[Music]all right so I’ve got my pancake mix allmixed up my pancake batter they’re thesite that I got the recipe from when Ioriginally got it was called geniuskitchen but I think they may havechanged the name of the site or who ownsthat site or whatever but I’ll have thecorrect link to it now in the videodescription I’m going to now that I’vegot it all mixed up going to put somecooking spray in the pan I’ve got a 9inch baking pan in my new white primoright on the grill plate and I’ll justspray that up real nice really wellbecause I don’t want any sticking at allnow I’m going to take the lid the domefor the new way to clean up put it onand I’m going to turn it on I’m gonnaleave things at the 50/50 top and bottomheating elements but I’m gonna bring thetip down to 350 degrees Fahrenheit asfar as cook time you know since I’ll becooking up some more over time but youknow I can do those later I’m just gonnabasically do a demo with you a couple sothat you see how it’s done and then youbasically just repeat the same processso I’m not really worried about time atthe Falls to 15 minutes but it’s notgonna take that long I’m just gonnaleave it as it is and we’ll get them outwhen they’ve done but I’m gonna hit apreheat so preheat to 350 and hit startand let it preheat and then we’ll startgetting some pancakes on all rightpreheat is complete don’t get the dumboff there I’ve got a 1/3 cup measuringcup here just scoop some batter outgonna make a couple of pancakes on hereI’ve got one downI’m just gonna get a second put it downon the other sidehoping these don’t like join into onegiant pancake but if you want to make agiant pancake that’s up to you then putthe dome back hard make sure it’s onthere tight and hit start and we’ll justwatch those cook for a moment a littlemore than a couple minutes pass I’mgoing to pause see if I can flip themover at this pointthey’re starting to look like herecooking pretty good and gonna make sureI separate these two pancakesget under there good with me today overhere all right I’m not very well cookedon that side probably gonna let them goa third or fourth minute but we’ll gowith this anyway so then I hit startagain I’ll let these go for a littlewhile on the other side which is it’s ina total of five minutes we’ll the flipsomewhere in between let’s see how we’relooking down with these pancakes lookspretty decentthere we have pancakeshow about that five minutes let’s goanother setokay these three minutes on first sideand then I’m going to flip these and seehow they look after giving them a fullthree minutes on the first side they doflip easier yeah so give them threeminutes on the first side and then youflip them that turns out nice I’m justgoing to give them a couple minutes onthe other side all righttotal five minutes for these just pauseand get these offsee how they look all right that comesoff real easy and you see you’ve got anice perfect looking pancake there sohave a look at these so that’s ourperfected method they’re three minuteson one side two minutes and the otherpreheat to 350 before you start and youcan make pancakes in the NuWave primo onyour indoor grill all right so invaderwith myself whether I’d be a puristabout this taste testing door with nocondiments at all but I’ve got to flipsomeone pancakes put a little butteryspread on top of the pancakesI’m gonna put a little ally Schaer freeSERP on here as I always say nobody paidme anything to use what I’m using I justuse what I like all right have a look atthatI’m just going to cut one for taste testpurposes cut piece offI get camera moves and we’ll taste testall right it’s pancake time let me getthis piece that I sliced off here takemy fork and break it another one will dotooI like those I mean I’ve done these inthe skillet many a time I like thembetter out of the Primo they have morefluff to them out of the Primo on thegrill oven more fluffiness lighterfluffiness I like it so try this I’mgonna try this if you have a new wayprimo give it a shot I really like itdefinitely looking forward to yourcomments you can find this and otherheating instructions or recipes at superwave oven recipes calm you can find anyof these videos by just going the waveoven recipes calm brings you directly tothe YouTube channel I’m on Twitter andInstagram and wave other recipes alsotheir referral links in the videodescription for this cooker and such andyou pay the same price but help thischannel also if you like this videoplease give it a thumbs up share thevideo with the friend of course leave acomment subscribe to the channel didthat notification bell and good eating[Music]

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