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Video Transcription

welcome to my so we want to make apancake and we want to do to the pancakeso I want to make a pancake with myfriend ha ha ha harada-san you’re comingonokay let’s go okay guys firstwe will buy the ingredients at possible[Music]oh look at thisit’s very loosely and is a very yummyokay Frankie is a westerner hood forbreakfast and also have a meal okay wegonna try it[Music]okay I wanna try it[Music]very um you know and so delicious myfriends before I see the like to thankit oh my god is very yummywe buy each pancake I don’t my pancakeso now I change my mind because thispackage is very yummy you know what Ithink my cake is well with the worldyes yes are you stuck obviously[Music]oh my god it’s so goodbesides be this bumping you can addother toppings pertain to your face Iwant idea for Nikkipancakes are very in the strike I wasfired[Music]yes look at the honey Wow okay guys thisall pancakes is a rookie minute food foryou to make you happy okay[Music]

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