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How to make an easy home made pancakes!!! (Cooking with ahlam)ep.1

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. I am ahlam and I do so many fun stuff so it’s time to do some cooking with ahlam. In this episode we are going to cook pancakes. Give me some ideas of any thing else to cook. Always take an adult supervision while doing especially when using fire because fire is dangerous. Peace out.✌❤ byeee.

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channeltoday’s video is going to be about copyyeah we always like to gymnastics andeasy stuffmr. work in The Cooking Channel episode1 we are going to be cooking pancakes ifyou don’t know how to cook pancakes isfollow my recipe[Music]so guys before we get startedsubscribe to educational life say getseven a beautiful Apple brand new videoso that it starts and on to cuttingSudan packet so let’s start[Music]so guys we should always follow therecipe how to make the pancake andthey’re saying to follow the recipe andthen we’re going to add one tablespoonof oil we add it and then we’re going toadd one[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]keep on mixing don’t mix I’m gonna keepin contain the same coin do is going tohappen nextokay guys after making the pancake mixwe’re gonna go and put it in the fryerno stop and put some oil we start doing[Music][Music][Music]we sweep it down the sides and I justburned it we’re gonna make another onethat’s not burntwe didn’t burn it this time[Music]so that I emptied the war and fancydecorate the Patrick a little bitLisa I think I made I’m going to countthem now[Music]fingers I’m also going to add other tankexplosion baby honey and let’s completethis fun first episode of cooking good aclam pancakes see you all next andgoodbye

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