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How To Make Adai Dosai | Vegan Lentil Pancake Recipe | Vegan Protein Breakfast

In this video, I show you how to make adai dosai (vegan lentil pancake). This filling and flavorful recipe packs a protein punch without any processed substitutions. It is traditionally a breakfast recipe but can be eaten at any time of day! Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

Jiri well im sue me welcome to my
channel the targa project where i show
you how to make delicious vegan Indian
food today I’m super excited to show you
a protein-packed
traditional South Indian breakfast
recipe called array which is technically
a lentil pancake / trip so let’s get
for the lentil Crips also known as a day
I’m going to take around 2 cups of short
grain rice also known as Sona Missouri
rice in a bowl here you can use any
short grain rice that you have access to
I’m going to rinse this and cold water
around 5 to 6 times to get rid of any
excess starch and I’m gonna soak this
for at least 4 hours you can also solve
this overnight I am also taking one cup
of chana dal and one cup of pour dal in
a mix this shrimps this under cold water
as well to get rid of any excess starch
or till clear water flows out of the
pool when you wash it and I’m gonna soak
this and cold water once again for two
hours we don’t want to soak this for too
long because we still want to maintain a
little bit of the coarseness and texture
of the lentils rice has been soaking for
at least four hours so now it’s time to
grind all of these ingredients so I’m
going to add my soaked rice here to a
blender with around 1/2 a cup of water
to this I’m also adding four dried red
chillies 2 green chillies in around 6 to
8 curry leaves I’m going to try this to
a smooth paste I’m going to transfer
this mixture to a bowl now for the
lentils I’m gonna add or strain soaked
lentils here to this blender once again
add around quarter to half a cup of
water now we don’t want to grind our
lentils to fine we serve one it maintain
their texture so we’re gonna grind it
ill it’s a little coarse like this I’m
gonna add this lentil mixture to the
bowl with the ground rice and spices mix
all of this
salt as well and our crepe batter is
ready now in a pan on medium-high heat
I’m going to add two teaspoons of
cooking oil ladle around one cup of the
batter onto the pan and spread it like
this I’m also going to add around a
teaspoon of oil to the top of the crepe
so when we flip it it also turns out :
and crispy now we want to give these
crepes around two to three minutes on
each side and that’s the finished dish
so some people are still obsessed with
the question of where vegans get their
protein from which is really funny to me
as you can see this dish is protein
packed it’s filled with lentils it’s
super Hardy for when you’re feeling
extra hungry traditionally it’s even
with jaggery which is rich in iron and
also asked that – of sweetness and it’s
also eaten with butter traditionally but
obviously I substituted it for vegan
butter you can also use coconut oil let
me know in the comments what you decided
to eat your pancakes or crêpes with and
please like and subscribe because I come
out with new Indian dishes every Sunday
and I’ll see you another time with
another recipe bye

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