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How to make a Valentine pancake wreath part 2

This is the second part of the video on how to make a pancake wreath . Children can do this with adult supervision.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay so let’s go ahead and do our secondpiece here it just helps hold the ribbonwhy unwind it okay and we’re gonna cutlike I said again 24 of these at 12inches each so that’s one again we’regonna go ahead and slide this one offokay and do the same thing we did withthe last group but you want to do thosejust make sure that they’re all facingthe same direction okay so do the samething like I told you you’re gonna takeit you’re gonna fold it and cut itfolded edge to the free edge same thinghere just make sure your stacks even onthe edge do the same thing you’re gonnafold it in half just up the top and okayso there’s one set of them all right andthen we’re gonna go ahead and do thesecond set okayokay that’s the second set but we won’tneed these a little bit later so we’llput them off to the side for right nowall right put these squeaky squeaky allright so now what we’re gonna do iswe’re gonna take these and we’re gonnatake one of these ones okay we’re gonnaput one here on top all rightnow you’re going to put the other one onthe bottom so one one and a half inchjust bottom and want it to taut and whatyou’re gonna do is you’re gonna hold himand you’re gonna fold them in half thiswayall right so you again Oldham fold themin half this wayokay hold him in half make yourself anice little crease like so see nicelittle crease then you’re gonna openback up okay and you’re gonna pull rightwhere your crease is you’re gonna dolike you did with the mesh and thenwe’re gonna pull it down pull it downokaythen we’re gonna take it and we’re gonnastick it right here right and your tieokaymake sure it’s nice and tight I guesswhat we’re done with that tie so youjust cut the tie off okay and we’regonna push the tie in so you can’t seeit and then you’re just going to fan outyour ribbon so you’re gonna have tocoming down here and then put your nextone down just hold them down okay justlike so just like so and then your thirdone you can kind of just leave just likethat all rightand I’ll turn it this way hold it up sothat’s what it should look like allright and just keep doing the sameprocess all right so we’re just gonna doour next one same way we did the firstset I’m gonna keep doing it the wholeway around this bottom row that wealready put the mesh and stuff on okayagain you fold it in half okay put it inyour wire ties are your Chanel stemstake it a couple twists you want to cutit off and then take this tip if you cansee it roll go but you take this tip andyou push it down and then you can’t seeit okay and then again you take yourribbons you pull them down like so okayif you want you can pull this one down alittle bit more – it’s totally up to youokay to do with themplease switch it see and then you kindof make it like a bird see we just putit down in here put it in your pipecleaners right on top of that mesh thatwe put in twist a few times shut it offhere we gohook that level stinker down in thereanybody can be creative everybody has acreative side you just have to findwhere that creative side is all rightjust BAM them know your same thing grabhere these little stinkers want to sticktogether here do your three fold them inhalf and again it’s you know you’rehaving a hard time keeping up just pausethe video you can rewind itokay we don’t need that little boyanymorein half got your nice crease open itback up see your crease and you’re gonnafold right along your crease kind of fanit like you did your um mesh okay put itin your pipe cleaners cut it off a pipecleaner okay spread it out like soand when you make your wreaths make sureyou use wired ribbon because that’s whatmakes you be able to work with it embedit okay get to the top part and Iactually learned this by watchingmelly-mel she actually taught a lot ofus how to do this method got to give ashout-out to melly-melit’s insanely creative okay so this iswhat we have so far this is what we haveso for now we’re gonna go ahead andwe’re gonna cut our mesh again so let’smove our ribbons back okay these onesalso are gonna be cut at 20 inches okayso we need six of these ones also sothat’s oneokay start the same thing again spreadit out and then fan it out so I’m kindof choosing this middle line right hereto follow so just make sure you keepthat a center put your fingers on thatmiddle line that you want to follow yousee it start they get off-center justkind of your fingers around – you wantit sure even all right so now we didthat so now we’re gonna take it okay andwe’re gonna stick it let me show youcloser we’re gonna take it and we’regonna stick it right here on top okaywe’re gonna plop it right down theresame thing we did on the bottom runwe’re doing here on the top except it’sgonna lay on top of everything that wejust did all right so then you’re justgonna do what we did okay just like wedid at the bottom you want to fan itdown and make it lay flat that’s whatmakes it makes it flat in a pancakethere we go okay just like thatall right and then let’s go to our nextone let’s do our next one same exact wayokay all right so we did this one let’sgood this one we’ll head this way okaynow we’re not gonna cut these ones offyet these pipe cleaners off yet until weget our boat ribbon on it right samething you just kind of want to fan itout and the mesh likes to stick to oneanother so you just kind of watch yougotta show its who’s boss all right yougotta show its who’s boss all right sothere’s your other one all right so canyou see how it’s laying on top of thesebut you can see your ribbons coming outthe bottom okay same thing with the nextone this one here now I keep bringing itback and forth but okay taking the nextset of pipe cleaner stick it up nice andstraight twist it and spread it out justspread it out okayjust like so still got your pipe cleanersticking up okay next onethere he isthat one was kind of hiding all right sowe’re gonna put this one in there pullit tight twist it a few timesspread them out flat like I said itlikes to curve in and stuff see you gota show to his boss yeah buts likes toget stuck on each other gypsy you gottashoot who’s boss okay two more leftlisted a few times I said you’re gonnafan it out it likes to get stuck onitself so you gotta hand it out okay Iwant to do it too it lays flat so youhave to kind of flip it around sometimesjust to get it to lay flat all rightlast but not least of the mesh and thenwe’ll go ahead and do the ribbon againall right so we got him to play gamesnot leisa flat so we gotta flip it makeit listen say I’m the boss alright sonow we got all of our tails sticking upagain right all of our pipe cleaners allsix so what to do our tails these onesyou have to do remember same thing as wedid on the bottom row top and bottomfold it in half open it up and take thislaying it down just squinch it togetherlike it would a fan pinch it togetherokay same thing spread them out now youcan wait to spread these top ones outwhen you get them all line same thingwith the bottom ones but just make surethat you spread them and do what youneed to with the bottom ones before youput the top layer of mesh on okay cuzit’s kind of hard to get them to listenonce you put the top layer mesh on itokayalright go for the next oneanything right but this one to go downokay these ones don’t have to point downquite as much if you want to you canspread them out a little bit more okaybecause this is the top row so you cansee them okay and then when we’re donewith these guys like we did on thebottom row just cut them off and pushthem in tuck them under all right cutthem off tuck them under okay we’regonna continue to do this the whole wayaround just like we did on the bottomokay twist it cut itpush it just being out your ribbonwherever you want it to Lakea little bit down the right last two[Music]all right one more to goand if you see any stray because yourmesh will fray somewhat just go aheadand trim it off all right so it doesn’tget caught on anything and keep fryingokay friend you just want to cut thatoff okay this is our last foe do thesame thing as we have through the otherbowslast one tuck it under there you go guysthat’s what we got so far so now whatwe’re gonna do is we’re gonna go aheadand we’re gonna put our sign on okay soour signs gonna go here right here inthe center all right that’s where it’sgonna go all right so we’re gonna goahead and take it so what you want to dowith it is you’re gonna take your pipecleaner I’m gonna spread them out alittle bit so I can see them so you’regonna take your pipe cleaner and you’regonna shove it down through your meshokay I’m gonna turn it so I can find itand then you’re gonna pull it down likeso okay and then you want to make sureit’s where you want to put it and thenyou’re gonna take it and you’re gonnawrap it around the frame around thewreath frame okay so there’s one andthen I’m gonna go up here to this cornerand do the same thing I just did find ityou’re gonna take it down through themesh okay so then your corner to cornerall right make sure you got it where youwant it don’t pull too tight thoughbecause then it’ll smash your wreath soI’m just gonna do the same thing you didyou’re gonna wrap it around your baseokay just wrap it around your base tooyou know it’s nice and secureokay nice and secure all right and thenwe’re gonna go to this side same thingguys just take it down through your meshuntil you can fill it popping throughthe mesh first – a lot easier becauseit’s not quite as tight just kind offill your way around until you feel thepipe cleaner poke through to where yourother fingers are sometimes it getssmushedI’m having trouble with this one so goahead and cut this aloft a little bitbecause it’s submission it’s there we goI got it now I got it now okay last butnot least do the same thing through hereokay put down the mesh gonna find whereit’s poking through pull it down makesure it’s where you want it okay againyou’re gonna tighten it up make sureit’s in there nice and good there we goguysthere is your simple pancake wreath allright now if you want you can add a bowto it if you feel you know energetic ifyou feel brave if you know how to make abow go ahead make a bow throw it onthere we’ve really pretty cute rightthere alright guys thank you forwatching I appreciate it for more videoson how to make things or to buy thingswreaths centerpieces swags Garland’s goto Barb’s country creations on YouTubeto purchase any other ribbons or anyother things that you’d like to purchaseI have a website it’s Barb’s countrycreations calm you can visit my SE pageat Barb’s country cntry designs at etsycalm like me on Pinterest Instagramfollow me on Facebook and again Ican’t wait to see you again hope youenjoyed the video thanks bye bye

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