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Video Transcription

you guys looking back to this channeland today I will be showing you a littlebit of how to make some pancakes rightnow some batteries are cooking as youcan see and I’ll be showing you guysingredients death or is type of pancakesfor making pancakes you will need thispour it in all the way make sure to putin do you need some container like thisand then once your point is all in theport only then after that with this milkalmond milk any milk you have at homeyou pour half into this cup right hereright here and just pour it in and justpour that in then when you’re done doingthatyou will mix it any type of machine thatyou have mix it in once you’re donedoing that your results will be thisthing it will be very watery not thatwater you look a little thick and alittle watery so then you’ll need somebutter a knife a scoop and something mr.pikenow the next ones make sure you alwaysdo your pancakes at a type of anglebecause then if you messed it up and doit in another angle it will not come outthe same and it would just be reallylook really weird so right nowand as you want to make it bigger justspread it like thatyeah that’s make sure you always have apair supervision if you are adult willget me really mad at my transformationbecause you really know what to do butif you’re a kid you need to do it’s aprovision and yeah that’s it make sureyou subscribe like this video if ithelps you and leave a comment down belowwhat other videos you want to want us tomake peace

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