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My daughters favourite food in the world is nutella pancakes with ice cream and strawberries so of course I had to make a giant version for her birthday party. I wanted to make a quick cake as it was a very last minute so if you are a beginner this cake should be very achievable.
To make the white chocolate ganache
300grams of compound white chocolate
180mls heavy cream
White chocolate ganache ice-cream
500 grams of white compound chocolate
180 grams of heavy cream

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Video Transcription

welcome to it’s a piece of cake I’m Limaand in this video I’m going to show youhow to make this Nutellagiant pancake cake so first you’re goingto bake your cakes I’ve got a 12 inchcake here but I’ve made a chocolate mudcakeand I’m just going to remove all thebaking paper and I’m going to leave itthe flat side the same way as I put itout of the tin and I’m just going tokind of carve around the corners just tokind of kind of round it up a bit ratherthan being so straight so I’m just usinga knife and just gently and slowly justcarving all around the sides I’m goingto do that all the way across now youcan kind of also do the bottom to bringit really in if you want your pancakenice and round and fluffy I don’t havemuch time to do this because it’s goingto be for my daughter’s birthday partystuff to kind of really do it as fast asI can so I’m just going to round off thetop but like I said you can round offthe bottom as well and you’ll get a muchnicer kind of finish then I’m going tocover in some buttercream so of courseif you wanted to do your cake in layersyou can split it in half and fill itwith buttercream or ganache or whateveryou’re going to fill it with and thenstack it on top but because it’s goingto have it so much Nutella on top andI’m going to be also using ganache I’mnot going to feel the cake because it isquite a thin cake as well it’s going tobe very rich with all the topping it’sgoing to have on it so with thebuttercream all I’m doing is basically acrumb coat so I’m just going to seal theentire cake with the buttercream I’mjust using my knife just to smooth itout and then I’m going to pop it in thefridge once you’ve done the entirebuttercream and give it a nice thicksmooth coat you can pop it in the fridgejust to let the cake chill and thebuttercream to chill as well becausethis cake is really fresh and moist I’vejust made it in the morning so I do wantit to just set a bit before we keepworking on itI do love it using these little cakessmoothers I’ve got this from my cakedecorating shop but whenever you’re kindof using it to do like round it takesthese smoothers are fantastic because Imake it really really easy I thinkthey’re called cake smoothies or cakescrapers but they’re basically like alittle plastic flimsy kinda thing thatyou can really maneuver around and thenyou can get really smooth edges withthem once it’sbe happy with how smooth it is I’m goingto pop it in the fridge and let it sitI’m going to make some white chocolateganache now so I’ve got some whitecompound chocolate and I’ve added somehot cream to it so I just heated thecream in the microwave I’ve put it ontop of my chocolate and I’m staring itcuz I want that cream to melt all thatcompound chocolate once it hascompletely melted I’m going to pop it inthe fridge and let that firm so with thewhite chocolate ganache this part isoptional if you want to make it or notbecause you can also cover your cakewith fondant but if you want to know howmuch I’ve used in the ingredients I’llput that in the description box belowhow to make this white chocolate ganacheso as you can see with all that stirringthat chocolate has completely melted andI’ve got this smooth runny can – if yourchocolate did not melt you can put it inthe microwave about 10-15 seconds at atime just to help that chocolatedissolve and get melted so off that goesin the fridge to firm and once it hasfirmed you get this really nice kind ofwell it is chocolate ganache but becauseinstead of using regular chocolate I hadused a compound chocolate it’s a lotmore thicker and sturdier so it does abit easier to work with and then I’mjust going to spread that all around anddo the exact same thing as I did earlierwith a buttercream now I’m doing it witha white chocolate ganache like I saidearlier of course you can cover yourcake here with fondant if you wanted toI think that the white chocolate ganachewould taste a lot better with a Nutellarather than a teller and the fondant butit’s up to you whatever works for youwhichever way you want to do it so I’mgoing to spread out all that whitechocolate and then as I’m mixing thesmoothing up the white chocolate ganacheI don’t mind a bit of the brown of thebutter cream to go through just to giveme a bit of color for my pancake so anybits that peak out I don’t mind a cup Ithink it would just give me a bit ofcolor but if you wanted to also you canbrush on some direct brown or beige foodcolor so you can get these little gelsand then put brush into your gel andthen brush on some color if you wantedto do it that way so now we’re going tomake the ice cream so to make the icecream again I’m using some whitechocolate compound chocolate and I’musing some heavy creamI’m goingto melt that heavy cream in that bowlinto the microwave to heat it up andthen I’m going to pour it on top of mychocolate so my chocolate gets melted soagain we are making a chocolate ganacheso we’re making that ice cream add achocolate ganache but all we’ve done ischange the ratio so instead of using amore cream we’re using much morechocolate and that way we’re going toget a much much thicker ganache that wecan shape into what we want so with thathot cream that I poured onto mychocolate clearly my chocolate was notgoing to melt so I’ve popped it into themicrowave for about 20 seconds you don’twant to put it more than 20 seconds goodyou don’t want it you don’t want tosplit the cream you don’t want to burnthe chocolate so 20 seconds at a timeand then you can gradually go lower like10 15 seconds just till you have keepstirring it till you have completelymelted all that white chocolate and thenwe’re going to pop that in the fridgeand let that completely firm once it hasfirmed then it’s very very easy to shapeso I’ve got to pop it in the fridge I’veleft it in the fridge for a good hourand then I’m going to shape it up so nowI’m just going to use you can use an icecream scoop you can use spoons you caneven use your hand to make the shapethat you want and then once you’ve gotthe shapes pop it back in the fridge andlet that sit for another hour nowpouring the Nutella waltz very easy ifyou either get your whole Nutella jar abrand new jar and pop it in themicrowave for about 30-40 seconds andlet that all that Nutella melt and thenscoop it onto your cake or if youalready have it because you can only dothat if it’s a brand new Nutella jarbecause you don’t want that floorwrapper to spike in your microwave theother way you can do it is scoop out allthe Nutella into a bowl and pop thatbowl into the microwave for about 20-30seconds stir it again 2030 seconds justto completely melt it it just makesspreading a lot easier and then justspread it onto your uncovered cake andlet that kind of through pop it on thesides or you could just do corners youcould do like if angle of the cake it’sreally optional what how much you wantto spread the Nutella or how you want todo it and then add your bits ofchocolate ganache ice cream and thenwe’re going to make the chocolate jar orthe chocolate until a jar so I’ve gotsome compound chocolate in a piping bagand I’m just kind of drizzling outmaking a big blobbut I want to make sure that my blob hastwo corners that I can one I can insertin the cake and one I can insert in theNutella jar so you want it to be bigenough and thick enough to insert intothe Nutella jar and your cake so thatsides going to go either my cake on thetelly jar and then the other endobviously okay can I tell a jar makeyour compound chocolate a nice thickblock of chocolate so you want this tobe quite thick you can even do two coatsyou can set one coat in to another coatif you wanted to I’m just doing the onecoat but obviously they’re thicken yourchocolate the stronger this piece isgoing to be pop it in the fridge and letthat chill once it has chilled see hereyou could repeat another coat if youwanted to but I’m like I said I’m justleaving the single coat and then choosewhich side you want inside your Nutellajar so let’s see which side you’rehappier with with the blobs and thenjust use that side and then again morecompound chocolate inside because we’reusing the compound chocolate as our glueto learn more about compound chocolate Iwill put a full video about compoundchocolate at the end of this video ifyou want to learn more about it but goreally generous with the compoundchocolate cause you don’t want yourbecause this is what’s holding this bigchocolate block inside you want to tella jar so you want to be really generousjust put a lot in there and then theother part of the chocolate we’re goingto insert into the cake so we’ve got onein the jar one inside the cake andthat’s what’s going to hold it intoplacenow obviously compound chocolate it’snot going to be the same color asNutella so what you want to do is spoonon some Nutella onto the chocolate justto cover it so it looks like it’sexactly the same color just spoon itonto there so as you can see this cakeis very easy to do even if you are abeginner it’s not a difficult cake it’squite easy and if you do what to theother videos on compound chocolate oryou are familiar on ganache then itshould be very very simple to achievethis cake daughter love story this ishow she has a pancake every single timewith the ice cream strawberries andNutella so it is for her birthday soI’ve added on the strawberries butobviously add on the strawberries lastbecause they get a bit soggy so I hopeyou guys did enjoy this very simple easyto achieve chocolate pancake Umatillacake thank you so much guys for watchhope he’s tuning to my next video takecare and bye for now

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