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How to make a pancake (leads to something else) +dog reavel

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Video Transcription

[Music]and my sister y’all decide I can’tdecide my sleazeballi schoolI shoot all right well you know all Icould get to BrodI give why she’s so sweet y’all thinkI’m so sweet[Music]which I never showed you I don’t know[Music][Music][Music]yourself[Music][Music]come on let’s go in the kitchen and get[Music]don’t like I’m a big girl here bingo[Music]take on the drives here just this yougot a grip mom[Music][Music]let’s blow it diamond they need to becooked a little bit more[Music]oh I’m gonna show y’all[Music]ah[Music][Music][Music]yeah I’m just a second time so I don’twork – um – gosh I don’t have gonna havesome powder that I might mean you stickit on the pancake you know it gave it alittle taste[Music]just for second part I’m just gonna feedit up the pancakes I do have to go tomiss just don’t really do it well Ican’t so I’m gonna show you our factoryand to make it look like good like hadyou talked it but like miniyou know I was going to the linkchallengeyouyou even feel a little mini severalsomebody does have you don’t like thislocated always be doing like this butnow it also have together like these[Applause]OhOh see all this is probably not bad notbad not badso what’s up what’s up what’s yourchildren you got a channel any legs theyneed you know to me this shirt tell themno all right yeah you disgust meI’m not putting in the scripts me yeahso today we make it very no so nextthing I’m gonna do I already got thepancakes on dead what’s uh open cut themknow like luckily you are like if I havelike no sometimes would you it was I’mshown to let it cool yeah I always likeput like paper toss over because youdon’t need a waste to complete or likejust you know I do so[Music][Music]look at you two outside me my gait in aneight and as just like the K just likethe egg a speakeasy so you can see the[Music]one that fit right therethey’re emotionalthis is bad so yes you definitely neednapkins or a like toilet paper but notan accurate supply trepidationthe next thing we’ll do is[Music][Music]there I need somethingyouthis is I don’t knowso work because I make it short yeah soI thought it was a lot but if you crawlup and you’re watching you know youthink it’s just good love you shouldalready know how to do it I’m just goingsad you know[Music][Music]so I’m gonna hurt you I put this away[Music]sport double me around or drop that’sdead and if he’s fit for this one vanishbecause I know how to do it a little bityeah it’s likethis we had to do Ohdumbest foot he’s phenomenal himselfjust to make it better I’m gonna getsome airI just I’m not this the thick of timeleft when I get my shake this okay we’regonna show y’all like sure yeah so yeahthis is how it looks this one has liketotally messed up cuz I put that apowder like this one so what I did wasgrab as a plate put this the littlepaper towel and then get the the cookiesit did up with the syrup and dad put thepowder and then I got the business andthen I got this yeah this little thingso yeah but that just ain’t me I think Ibelieve oh my god I justand I would like on this entry’s I gotit good maybeI don’t try to feel[Music][Music][Music][Music]nobody should let more than prioritiesoh my gosh[Music]another x1 yeah I lived all alone ohyeah hold on a pancake no back wrappersto shoot whoever did water that price toshoot what you said no yeah really gonnado it what you say huh so scissors dropit since rock rock paper scissors rockpaper scissors get the bill get y’allboth said the same thing rapping soonwe can’t tell you each otherOh Indre one[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]yeahdon’t die don’t you receive full rightsof wine daddy mixing up saying I saythey both more heroin where’s our leash[Music][Music]by oh so that’s period[Music]

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