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How to make a pancake by Kermit the Frog

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Video Transcription

welcome to call me today we gonna be my
kin basically Oh some good stuff
coochie coochie Nick you can yeah it’s
mixed so bear with me
so then what you have to do eggs do
let you have the trimming and hey hey
and then you becoming give me up
oh yeah a new young
when you go 150 degrees bone bone thing
let me give it up to the others
do you have not covering shorts travel
12 you love you go
not the me your milk you know it which
but everybody using cocaine and all know
I did talk to the adverts
okay come down fella down baby back
please – man bitch
do you have no conscience well go
yourself cuz I don’t give a
is your car insurance go – I don’t do
what you just follow they make
those yep it should have been work yeah
I’m okay no just make up get your
hand in there so once you mix it wish
fun let’s cook it
I’m tired of I’m gonna if paint
fetched into a bed so attack power to
show you how I cook it all relays cracks
30 cents

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