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Video Transcription

Phil I got monkey nuts in the video this
is me Jerry and today I’m going to show
you how to make a pancake so our get one
anything and a spoon
so if this one is grabbing one teaspoon
that’s one teaspoon hello is there um
anything at all we think as you get it
all over the parents works on no down
now we’re nearly done with that grab a
got one of these that’s great because
I’m on there I don’t know what message
so then crack it Oh Cheryl’s going I’ve
done this terrible a can now mix it up
with a mixer mix it’s and there’s no
lumps or big bumps now there is no lumps
as you can see really there’s no lumps
done with that knife yeah there you go
and then puts the remember if you’re
using hot stuff and to tell your parents
first they’d love to know if you’re
doing do yousee turn it onto the back
number seven okay
the bus is melting
I made my little bit of a weird shape
and once you have seen it slightly to
bubble that’s when you have to now see
you and I have to do that
okay guys so now that it is cookin now
it’s time to really big
that’s how useful you are out of it
again on the other side then you know
how to keep thinking a that but if you
want I just like it’s time to flip it
again with it’s ready there’s some
tissue old plates and then put it on the
tissue that’s ready I bought it in three
two one
that’s a pancake
okay guys I think this is ready to do it
three two one
that was absolute terrible
okay this was the meat okay okay that’s
ready next day I cut quite quickly just
tell me
bad mixture
you starts getting holes in your thing
that’s just yeah so guys this video and
then to smash that like burden and I’ll
see you on its own good

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