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how to make a delicious pancake with starawberries

how to make a spectacular pancake

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Video Transcription

hello everyone today I’d like to make
pancake the transpeople the call is crap
but I’m called bucket so I’m not the
bucket I like to make today
okay let’s begin this in green what they
have 3 and 1/2 2 and 1/2 cup of flour 2
cup of water 1 cup of milk 2 eggs and
some strawberry and some black body to
make it their topic nicely decorated
that’s always now and what I don’t
mention here 2 tbsp of sugar 1/2 and bit
of salt very bit so I just put the flour
on it’s very easy
just mixed up enough money a new plug
that’s been like but once all the lumps
one spot but I keep little bit I don’t
wish it the water but yeah okay yes I
think I booked bullets with more top
does not enough problem you chose it is
to little bit lighter from boot wall
like get bit more flour so you know you
can see the principessa help for what
kind of husband do you need and how
would we take your pumpkin you want to
make you can make it like very blind if
I’m able to tick so except you hungry
want it back now act is okay it’s the
way I want it
not too right that’s very good okay I’m
with the pancake now so what I’m going
to do now I want to make it like the
strawberry now
very nice
Tory who’s not stupid
let’s go meet him
finishes on citizen return this is my
Park exit beautiful beautiful very nice
and light light it is Sita very like it
was so very nice and very light but I
have put here some of them some of them
here to the created a bit so I have some
strawberry and a half of those
distribute when I make a choice very
nice and beautiful so I just wanted to
create a little bit of grated my my
juice I was a little bit depressed with
the strawberry very nice so beautiful
and I have a little something what I
call it the body some of the blueberry
it’s very nice very nice beautiful so
let’s put put this little bit on thing
in nicely choosy
so Pete who thank you for watching yeah
that’s it that’s a very beautiful and
nice thank you very much
thank you for watching we’ll see you
next time please subscribe my channel if
you are new and thank you very much and
share and thumb up if you like my video
that’s very nice and beautiful Sudha
very beautiful thank you very much and
see you next my seat see my next video
thank you

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