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How to make a chocolate pancake

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Video Transcription

tonight today we are going to makechocolate pancakes right now we have Ialready made the the mixture all I haveto do is mix it in yeah maybe I shouldmix it so I don’t like mom no not yetwe’re gonna do that laterwhy because we’re not gonna put it inhere since Pammyhe said he whatever he said look I fedyou oh yeah YUMwe’re making chocolate packets today andtoday we are making them really specialbecause this dude’s I’m sorry what kindof dirty they fell yeah yeah yeahterrible because he was mixing right nowbut we’re going to start mixing thepancakes all right until you said itreally bad all you need for this mixtureis chocolate squeak powder powder forpancakes water and yes that’s how youmake the mixture for your chocolatepancakes and then while you’re mixinghold on let me show youhope you like of your going to make oftheir pancakes you could add a littlebit more we’re going to add a little bitmore love you don’t mind Lucci can yougo put it in the back please[Music]right therewell we’re going to make pull-off youpancakes today so I’m going to show youguys what we have to do for uncle fluffypancakes okay now that we have ourmixture ready see that’s all good andnice and yummy and the wateroh yes I remember jamás cuz it barelywoke up I am a sleepyheadoh yeah that’s all you need to makechocolate pancakes powder for pancakeswater hot water cold water milk mmm andif you want but one under those and alsoyou could chocolate sweet and that’s ityou could add also food coloring if youdon’t want it to be brown but as we likewe had chocolate pancakes and I’m goingto show you who got hurt just a littledude they got hurt so right now he’sreally sad Ohlitora can you go get me a towel so Icould clean up here we accidentally madea little bit mess so Lucci can you goget me a towel pleasewe’re making chocolate pancakes for youdid you got hurt okay white have twotowel

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