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How to cook the perfect pancake!

Tom and his sexy assistant James teach you how to cook the worlds best pancakes!

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Video Transcription

I welcome to cooking with home today weare making pancakes the ingredientswe’ll be using today are eggs milk Wowoil we’ve chosen vegetable oil but otheroils are available here’s the X you needtwo of these that’s the extra I’m nowjoined by my system James to set up theshow a little yeah add some milk let’sdo itso how much milk do we add 300 litersbuilding last is 300 milliliters of milkJames pouring the milkthe milk is now in a bowl and now Jamesadd the flour how much flour Tom as muchas you want that’s Warren do we mix itno we do not mix it that’s enough now wemix it that’s enough we will now addsome oil to the frying pan to fry asmuch as you wish the great thing of ourpancakes is he made them how you want tothat’s enough oil thank you do we eat upthe oil let’s do that what should we donow Tom we kiss it feels like it’sgetting hotyes it is now we took the pancakemixture in it’s time to flip and enjoyit’s just like being in front it’sfeeding time yes very niceit’s be some time thank you for watchingjoin us next week castle weakeningburgers and lobsters and orange juiceand pigs and cows and cheese and chipsand coachy

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