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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to murder hey guyswelcome back to another video and todaywill be online cooking Newtown well inst. hour at the glasses falling okayso we’ll be making pancakes today as yousee I won’t be needing back box is emptyor whatever bars I’m going into actionok let’s start off with the flour yoursalright yep definitely Meg let’s putdown egg right there and that’s what thebarbell let’s put it in cooking not toomuchokay no that’s no I’m not okay nutsenough still have a lot so let’s putthat back in the box back in there we goand now time for the egg eggy they evenput a crack in it though[Music][Applause]now we’ll mix it for a bit let’s destroythat yolk so now as you see ya or eggand powder oohegg reaction get pretty mushy nowthey’re all mixed up now time for themilk there though Oh milk you prettymuch put a lot of milk that set up nowtime to mix it and this channel is a newchallenge because it’s about cookingbecause I usually do about Minecraft androblox and yeah I want to be a chef whenI grow up at the same time as a youtuberand I don’t know why I wanna be when Igrow up doc she mostly aand we have to mix for a long timepretty much so let’s just put ma’am yeahand you will see as well as the flippingyou can see that the flipping a lot ofstuff now let’s put a pinch of sugarlet’s put it one more pinch okay okaythat’s enough sugar big chunky don’thave in three minutes right nowno and you will see other cooking videosas well as making eggs very deliciousand you’ll see other stuff too makingcakes now and that would be fine likeokay so this will be my Cooking ChannelI think it’s actually pretty mixed upnow that’s mixed up let’s just mix itfor like half a minutetah-dahokay as you see it’s now pretty much wetgood now that’s all and with the mixingokay let’s put down sink back and we’lltake this back and now time for the pinso God tell me just knit this Saturdayokay I’m gonna reverse the camera now Ican’t reverse to come right nowwait okay let’s just I need helpno no okay guys one sec I’m good do thecamera so let’s put a bit closer let meget the better[Music]let us thank pancakes we’re going to bemaking time can’t explain I might aswell get some exciting part will beflipping it so as you see I have my timepancake which is basically disappear andnow I’m about to dip it okaywell let’s try to keep it in action nono we need to stay in it each stage nopenope nope nope nope nopethis is so slippery the oil a thousand abig flip I did bigger lips than thatthere’s a bit of extra extra hey I havetime traffic this small stitch in thismonth compared to the other one that’sjust nice of courseokay Ohsneaky one on perspectiveoh that was our first pancake and ourthang I take it outsidenow put it back on comment down belowslap pancakes stinks so I’m gonna justshow you the pancake are made right nowpretty much not that badsorry looks like pizzaoh yeah oh yeah this one’s a bit burnttop sheet father’s too muchany dollar signs good this one is notthat good I think this kind of bother isnot good this kind of bothers not goodabout college and I never trying pancakebut you put it on the sidewow this this pancake batter is theworst you’ll soon see another pancakevideo but much better with much betterbatterthis one is just terrible so women don’tget spam but still the video thepancakes are still anything you can justoh yeahnow I lowered the fire so like itdoesn’t like burn it to that second justto burn yep that is all right there wegothat’s a nice pancake but she shouldjust hit myself hard okay so yeahthey’re not circular but they’re topicsbefore I made much better pancakes ohhoney that looks like a tea this is whatchart guys look I need stir it a bitmoreno no battery’s almost finished how muchtime have been pancakes are right thereyou can’t really see themtoday and pancakes isn’t going this timecake let’s party except all the extralate there was a bit of extra matter butthis batter isn’t good it’s not the goodkind like it’s just one floppy and rippythere’s actually there’s actuallysomething called healthy pancakes if youdidn’t know thatlook it’s timeno it’s notno venue this one’s a weird bad dategood I could say it’s nice having theparent has not liked my ticket – niceniceoh that’s ready to get flopped coming onyou got itjust how cute is a big fat okay oh sureno no that’s all just extra this town’sgonna need a good clean after this cuzthis pan is not workingI’m the batter oh my god I hate this ohmy god oh my godlet’s it’s your ripped pancake this is adead pancake let’s put that song all ofthis is just deadokay guys what thanks for watching thisvideo and this is definitely been a bigfail nope it has been a big thing so itwasn’t as expected but it came out to bea thing but we still made pancakes okayguysI’m a singer another video and yeah okayguy bye

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