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How to attempt to make vanilla protein pancakes (that taste good!)

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Video Transcription

good morning X is a little bit grim
outside but I’m feeling quite healthy
today so we need to do a little video
showing you or what I cook
to keep myself feeling wonderful and
fresh so hey I’m making protein pancakes
so I’m using I’ve got half a cup of
rolled oats half a cup cup of coconut
milk half a banana and half a scoop of
vanilla protein powder and I’m actually
using at this moment the speaker one
from bulk powders and which is
absolutely delicious I’m gonna put some
eggs and I’ve put a little bit of
Madagascar vanilla in there and I’m now
gonna whiz it all together and see where
I come on way the popular that salt in
there but baking powder in there trying
to think what else I put in but I’m not
give this a whirl
now really publish of being one of those
so anyway Paul’s nicely but I don’t want
to do too much cleaning up I’ve got one
and I’ve got my shovel at the ready well
it’s very bubbly
maybe that’s the baking soda in it but
I’m gonna just scoop in the edges now my
pan is on full power which i think is
fine oh oh
actually that looks pretty good now I’m
not gonna lie they don’t lock we have I
just dropped that one on the floor by
the way we don’t have it doesn’t look
the most appetizing but remember looks
on everything I mean all know we’ve gone
for those with not-so-great looks before
it’s sometimes we haven’t regretted it
definitely don’t make em at home what
happened they don’t taste good I think
well forget I’m gonna do two round two
and they’re gonna be amazing
okay so uh-huh who would have thought it
would be so hard to open
oh my god whoo okay
it’s not like I’m busy or anything today
but we are going to do tape two because
I will not be defeated when it comes to
like when it comes to cooking say
evening meals things like that perfect
when it comes to anything baking wise
not so perfect but we’re only gonna get
perfect if we practice practice makes
this time instead of the vanilla proving
panic because I don’t know if it was a
vanilla protein powder because it’s so
strong I’m using flour egg cinnamon
baking powder this time last time I used
bicarbonate soda maybe that was the
issue should I put a little bit of the
protein powder in I heard it was a
person I will make the table I’m feeling
like a teaspoon
okay this is a go well this time it’s
all stuck to the blinking sides so I’m
gonna add some water because normally
when you get pancake mixes you know what
the ones that you buy in the pocket you
add water so maybe that says so let’s
see what happens
well to begin with this looks more like
a pancake this looks perfect I’m really
pleased with that so if this puncay it
goes to plan I shall share the recipe
it’s all going over the edges it’s like
a flying saucer
ah oh my god I hope this tastes right
maybe a bit too much flour in there you
probably all think and she could just
use a recipe or maybe some weighing
scales and up wouldn’t be so much of a
bad idea
but if anybody knows me I like to not go
by the book ah bloody oh I can’t use
that now I’m going to have to put that
I’m now burning plastic in my car smells
delicious hope it under the plastic went
on to it okay let’s see what happens
with that
Hey – I mean it doesn’t have the general
consistency of pancake although it’s a
better shape
no bad no Benin it’s quite a few that
I mean it doesn’t have cuz I put a case
syrup on it tastes even better but you
know uh I don’t think that’s too bad
it’s a little bit thick so they’ll
probably would like but we shall enjoy
post your comments post your post your
favorite recipes below and help me out
I’ll do one of them

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