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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s tres I and welcome back to
my channel I hope you guys are all doing
well if you guys haven’t subscribed yet
make sure you guys hit that subscribe
button and join the family and also
check out my social media counts on
Instagram snapchat and Twitter it’s just
3 the trends it’s currently 8 a.m. and I
really need to leave the house see I’m
actually meeting up on uni girls in the
city and we’re gonna plan a Hawaii trip
which is literally in under a month
that’s actually in saying I’m going on
the 4th of September this year has gone
by so quickly like I swear to God every
month just goes by so quick and I don’t
even realize until I look at the date
meeting all the girls in the city we’re
gonna have some breakfast pin Hawaii say
yeah I think like once we plan or why
I’m gonna be even more excited like I’m
really excited as the Dia’s like just go
into Hawaii
and last night I set up my boyfriend’s
house and I didn’t do my proper skin
care and I got like a little pimple
right there doesn’t look cute on
Wednesday I have my first day of my
internship but it’s not really like my
first proper day it’s more like a trial
just to see if like I like working there
and if they like working with me so
hopefully it all goes well and then on
Thursday Friday Saturday I have work and
then Sunday I can’t just sleep in
today’s outfit today it’s honestly
freezing so I’m all covered up my top is
from Glassons like this cutest sweater
and has like such cute details at the
sleeves and down here as well my
necklace is from princess Polly so is my
little bag my pants I got these from
Japan it’s called we go and I’m just
wearing my converse platform shoes
this is today’s outfit and I need to
head out right now well the lighting is
actually horrible
what is that shadow hence intersection
and I sort of skip school zones I should
be arrived by train comes in 15 minutes
so hopefully I make I sit in a parka so
I feel like at this time there’s gonna
be like no Africa Paki usually when I
invested II or when I go to uni and
always just I catch the train because I
hate like driving there by myself I
don’t my drive to city if I have like a
passenger cuz I you
like direct me whatever but I honestly
suck at directions guys oh there’s
a parked car there
I swear I’m actually a very safe driver
even though I hate catchin train I feel
like it’s just like less stressful than
driving so yep
heading to the train station you’re not
gonna lie I’m actually feeling really
really sleepy and really hungry as well
so I really need some coffee and food me
I’m a town hall first stop getting some
coffee thank you I’m here with the girls
got my coffee we’re heading to the cafe
now and it’s also cold in my eyebags I’m
not cute so freakin see I got a big
breakfast I had to get big breakfast but
you know feeling hungry this morning
planning Hawaii this is what Angela did
when she was trying to convince us to go
why Hawaii in September getting stuff
done got a list of places to visit you
guys have any recommendations please
leave it down in the comments gonna go
shopping shopping for Hawaii just drop
it off at work do a bit of shopping I
mean you negro got some pants to try on
I got these jeans so it’s like flared
which I love wearing you try this on
hopefully it fits my sleep I’m actually
so obsessed with these pants I could be
so perfect to you as well love their
love the cut of it and you know might
get it actually look so cute like the
outfit I’m wearing now well why I’m so
indecisive I’m gonna try on these is
what’s this is pretty similar to the one
else I try them before got the pants I
got the first one that I tried on
it’s County three p.m.
I’m just gonna be driving home in school
zone hope he doesn’t take me too long to
get home I want to go home and pick up
my sister I’m gonna go grocery shopping
cuz I’m craving pancakes we’re just
gonna go buy pancake mix buy some fruits
honey syrup and all that and then make
pancakes cuz I’m just craving them we
weren’t gonna make pancakes from scratch
what we just got this instead because
how much easier is that the original
pancake meet we’ve got some strawberries
please tell me this honey let me know
down in the comments if you guys like
pancakes or crêpes cuz sir welcome back
to Christine’s Channel today we’re gonna
be cutting strawberry oh my god you cut
it pretty well I don’t know why did he
use the biggest knife cut strawberry
good I’m gonna mix this is a lid on
maybe we’ll need double decoration then
cut like my hand sore alright give a
shout out
ok shout it ain’t high school girl from
belief system that listened to my work
and said hi and I got really no senior
getting money back very good
you try it it’s so cute I like you it’s
golden not good guys well you’re not so
fluffy thank you and when I make another
batch of put chia seeds also okay now
I’m gonna put us your PUA oh am i
recording this teens clean it up I’ve
been eating like at beach house I
might as well go all right comment down
below if you’ve watched season three of
stranger things because I don’t know if
actually I want to watch it your camera
is falling apart boots so these are my
beautiful pancake and I have three mini
ones which we made earlier this last
painting I don’t really know maybe I’ll
put these ones at the bottom come on new
ones at the bottom the nice one on top
there looks like okay fine the big
one has to be at the bottom
oh hey stupid yes
no the smallest one has to be on top so
it’s like a
yeah oh my god am i eating more this
yeah well you made it
that’s a lot of carbs I love that for me
yeah all right let’s plate up you turn
it off please let me bring you guys I
with you
welcome to my oh my god my own actually
look so I mean alright let’s taste test
let me see I know it’s gonna taste nice
I made it well pancake cravings
satisfied good morning you guys it’s
currently in 1040 and I just finished
making myself some breakfast today I do
have a lot to do today as well oh my god
I had the worst dream last night I dream
about my internship because I have like
my trial tomorrow I dream that they were
like so mean and they gave me like the
shittest table and I didn’t communicate
with me and I want to see just like
freaking out because I was like I want
to work here and then I woke up and I
realized it was just a dream and I know
it’s just me like overthinking
because whatever my interview though I
got to see so lovely I want to see you
eating the same thing and I also want to
go get my laser done today my underarms
because they’re growing back and I just
need to get it done for Hawaii anyways
it’s currently 3:00 p.m. all morning
I’ve just been editing I got to head out
now I have my nasal appointment and I
also need to go Specsavers to fix my
glasses cuz yesterday I was heading out
to the gym and I think I was in Russian
and I somehow broke my glasses I want to
go into Specsavers and see if I can fix
it I’m just like missing a screw I could
he just chucked something on literally
so freaking basic I decided to put on
some Daniel Wellington jewelry wearing
their rings and you got to see here and
here honestly wear their rings
everywhere I’m also wearing this watch
as well so Daniel Wellington is
currently having their welcome spring
you purchase and if they’re watches you
can get the bangle for another 50% off
and I highly recommend it because they
look so good together as well I do have
a discount code as well where you guys
can get an extra 15% off I leave my
discount code on the screen for you guys
and there’s also a link in the
description box below types of shops now
let me quickly show you guys of my
glasses because when it broke in the
moment I was like oh my god this is a
sign that I need new glasses betwee that
broke off so hopefully they have like a
screw that can fix on the spot do you
need glasses because I want to get my
eyes checked a few months ago and I said
it’s gone worse than what it was before
so I be sure that’s gone worse from the
last time I got to check this book
because I’m like constantly editing my
hair is actually such a mess Carling
inspect sabers and actually like this PG
also looking at that one as well just
got my underarms thunder he takes out
less than five minutes and I put some
aloe vera on it now my glasses fix that
it really fix it like so good oh my god
I can see I wanna head home now I did
have a look at the glasses as well so if
you dial like so I probably gotta go
back to Specsavers and get glasses there
I’ve looked at Oscar why leave I feel
like their frames don’t see my face at
all so if we’re gonna get new glasses
after Hawaii since I’m saving up for
that come on underarms lasered as well
for Hawaii company that is sooner
tonight he’s doing less than 20 days or
something and I also need to pick my
outfit for tomorrow as well see they
have my internship trial I’m so freaking
nervous you guys do not even understand
my outfit for tomorrow I’m kind of
thinking this place if you like that
sort of proprietary like my boots with
it add these leggings as well and you
see we’re like no is it collecting like
stockings and he’s wear like stockings
in high school so that’s why I have this
maybe I’ll wear it tomorrow I just put
on the outfit I’m wearing this black one
I said because the grey one and back
they just looked so bad so I sort of do
like it and I feel like I should wear
the leggings or stockings cuz it is
gonna be so cold tomorrow
this is what I’m having for dinner
my god YUM we have some pork chops egg
cucumbers rice this is like so freaking
bomb normally I put the egg on top of
the rice and then I break the yolk I
love pork chop so much there’s a whole
plate here we’re gonna go back for
hello you guys it is the next day and I
just got home for my internship I’m so
the tree the travel home is two hours
like I finished at 5:30 and I go home at
7:30 I’m Sophia tied but guys I did get
a footage of the little pug I was
talking about in the last video it was
the last video I’ll insert right now the
last one it will Punk out work she’s
honestly the cutest thing about she’s so
freaking small she’s so cute internship
I really well I like want to see in my
brain doesn’t work right now so it’s
hired but they gave me different like
tasks to do and I pretty much um do that
throughout the whole day and I did like
other little tasks as well for like
other people at the end of the trial
that pretty much just asked me if I want
to work here and like if I like it and
obviously I said yes because you don’t
need to experience I said they’re gonna
email me on like the dates the starting
dates and all so I’m just gonna wait for
that email I want it in this video here
I really hope you guys enjoy that make
sure you guys hit that subscribe button
if you guys haven’t subscribed yet and I
will see you guys very very soon in my
next video bye guys

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