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Fluffy Japanese Pancakes Perfected Recipe (Jiggly Souffle Pancakes)

This is the ultimate souffle pancakes recipe as close as possible to the top Japanese pancake restaurants in Tokyo.

– 76g sugar
– 36g water
– squeeze of lemon juice
– 2 yolks
– 75g flour
– 2 tsp vanilla extract
– 2 tsp baking powder (4.2g)
– 4 tbsp full fat milk
– 6 egg whites
25 min cooking at 80ºC on induction cooker
flip and another 25 min cooking.

– ring mold, I could not find the exact same ring mold online, the one in the video is 10x6cm, this one is 10x4cm, so its 3 cm shorter, but it still has the same diameter so it should work:
– induction cooker:
– similar thin pancake pan:
– stand mixer:

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

fluffy Japanese pancakes two years ago Iwent to Japan and I went to thisrestaurant called Graham cafe and Iwaited an hour in a queue to then get areservation hour later to try thesepancakes and they were so thick sofluffy so light so airy so jiggly Thanksthey just jiggled was a tower ofpancakes it was just stunning it was thebest pancakes that ever tried up untilthat point in my life and then when Igot home I wanted to recreate thesepancakes so I looked online I looked atdifferent recipes I tried recipe afterrecipe after recipe and every recipejust seemed just wrong when you triedperfection nothing but that is goodenough I mean some of these recipes forexample they look the same they looklike the fluffy thick pancakes but thenwhen you bite into them you eat them thetextures all wrong it’s just it’s toothick it’s too cakey and well one of themistakes of all the recipes I’ve seen isthat they use cake flour and that makesit cakey when you make a pancake youalways use all-purpose flour so when youmake these fluffy pancakes they have tobe using all-purpose flour to have thatpancake he takes the same route insteadof cakey taste yeah so the last twomonths I’ve just been obsessing overthis recipe I’ve done nothing elseexcept cook pancakes for two months Ijust worry about it okay so yeah I’vetried different recipes tried tweakingthings tried introducing differenttechniques like for example when youmake macarons you can use the Frenchmeringue method which is when you adddry sugars to make the meringue and itcreates sometimes instability in themeringue thickness and the fluffinesswhich then will end up with hollowmacaron shells what you do for that isyou you do an Italian meringue whichuses a sugar syrup you cook it and thenyou introduce it into the egg whiteswhich makes a much more stable foamwhich then fills up the little biscuitsso they’re full and I use the same ideasand comewhen I was making these pancakes to makea foam of meringue that would lastlonger so that’s why I add the sugar andthe water together later in the recipeyou’ll see okay so I think I’veintroduced this enough let’s just getinto this but I can assure you thatthese are fantastic whole pancakes andeven if you don’t have rings at home trymaking this without the ring and thenjust get the rings they’re very cheapyou can get these in Euro shops ordollar shops wherever you are in theworld and let’s put this[Music]okay let’s start off by making ourbaking paper strips so these are goingto be on the inside of the ring mold andI’m going to make them seven centimetresthick so I’m gonna draw mil-dots atseven centimeter intervals on one sideand the other side so that I can cut ina straight line now I’m also going tomake another little dot here 29centimeters which is my fault point sothis is a little indicator way to foldand we use a cutting board to makestraight lines with my nice sharp knifeand I’d like to make lots of thesestrips and just leave them in aTupperware box so whenever I want tomake these pancakesI just follow the route to fold them upand use them so this here this line ismy fault point as I mentioned before youjust fold it to that point so that itfits into the ten centimeter diameter ofmetal rings that have okay so we’regonna cook off fluffy pancakes in a packnow I’m going to use a ring mold withthe baking sheet strips we just cut soyou could easily release it out of thering mold without having to cut it outwhich will damage the pancakes now theonly issue is you need to have a lid tokeep the heat inside so it cooks thepancake fully through because if youdon’t have a lid the top will stay veryliquidy and won’t solidify so the onlyissue we have here is that most leaveswill hit the top of this and then you’llend up with batter stuck to the lid anda big mess and just not gonna be goodit’s gonna be very terrible so what weneed to do is have a huge sort of domelid and I don’t expect you all to gospying specialised lids just to makethese pancakes so here is a mixing bowlmade of metal stainless steel and we’rejust going to put it upside down and itfit into the pan and this will createthat environment that will cook yourpancakes fully now the only issue isit’s a bit hot so when you try to liftit up it’s slippery and hard to graspandyou’ll burn yourself so we’re gonna makea makeshift handle right now for thisand just to clarify you can do this in apan no problem I’m going to use aspecialized pancake pan it’s the samething just doesn’t have the edges andit’s easier to get from the side andalso for filming it’ll look better butessentially it’s the same thingdon’t goes on like this okay let’s makethe handle for the dog okay so we’regonna make a very simple handle for thisjust using some masking tape I think ifyou use duct tape as well just going totake it and place it here and then whenyou come to the top just squish ittogether then press it down again andcut and that is obviously this is tooweak it’s going to break apart so we’rejust going to build a couple more layerson[Music][Music]you know once you’re finished you canjust take it offbut also I don’t expect everyone to bebuying 50 euro or fifty dollar pancakethis is the only going to use once so ametal bowl is something young home youcan easily make now see there you gosimply works if you want to be moresecure you add a couple more layers butthat’s basically how we build this okaynow let’s start prepping for the recipeyou add 76 grams of sugar followed by 36grams of water and a little squeeze oflemon juice the lemon juice will helpstabilize the meringue and keep theproteins from sticking together making amuch smoother meringue also the watermixed with the sugar softens the sugarstirs and break the bubbles now we’regoing to start heating up our pan I’mgonna put 80 degrees Celsius on thisinduction cooker and I’m gonna place thelid on to it so everything can startheating up and create an oven lightenvironment okay to start the recipewe’re gonna take two yolks followed by75 grams of plain flour and 2 teaspoonsof vanilla extract and then 2 teaspoonsof baking powder that’s about four pointtwo grams and four tablespoons of meltedbutter followed by four tablespoons ofmilk now a lot of recipes out there usecake flour found by using all-purposeflour it gives you the more pancake akind of flavor less cake now mix thisand this will become the base of yourpancakes okay so we’re gonna take sixegg whites place them into our mixer I’mgonna add spoon by spoon slowly ourwater sugar lemon juice mixture and thenthe end you’re gonna add it all in onego and he’s gonna keep the mixer on highuntil become super stiff super fluffyand super silky smoothso it should hold into your whisk likethis and create hard piece like thesenow this point you’re gonna take alittle scoop place it with our basemixture and with a whisk you’re gonnaslowly whisk in now this is justintroducing the egg whites to the basemixture so they become friends and thenyou add another little scoop and keepmixing it in and every time you add moreof the egg whites you want to mix itslower at the start you can go quiterough and as you go adding more you goslower to not break any of the airpockets that you’ve made with the eggwhite I found that the best method hereis with a whisk if you do it like amousse where you fold it with a spatulait just doesn’t really create a verygood uniform and result it just doesn’twork very well this seems to be the bestmethod okay so once you’ve mixed it allin very gently we’re going to add itinto our piping bagnow for that I’m going to take a beakerand then paste my piping bag inside itfold it over the top so it doesn’tcreate a huge mess and we’re going toslowly but very carefully feed inpancake mixture into the egg batter nowthese strips make sure the ink is on theoutside and then we’re going to justcover them with butter so take a butterstick and just spread it across thesurface and then that folding pointthere is the meeting point for the endof the strip and there we go now we’vegot a little ring now you can placethese into our pan first you’re going tostart by placing a little bit of butteron the surface with our butter stick nowplace our metal rims and put the insidethe baking sheet strips we make and thenyou want to slowly but surely pipe inyour mixture until it reaches about 80%of the way up and then as it cooked itsgonna raise on a percent so just gonnamake that 20% increase in the pan sowe’re going to close it and we’re goingto not open it for 25 minutes now thatis on my cooktop with my pan and myheating conditions but yours might beslightly different okay so now take thepancake off butter on the bottom andflip it over and do that for all threeand then the lip goes back on and thenwe’ll leave it again forfive minutes and then take the Rings offand just test the side to see if they’refully cooked or not your cooktop yourheat might be slightly different so youmight want to look into how fast orslower your pancakes cook by checking onit now this is where you should have bigfat thick fluffy pancakes and here we’regoing to stack three of them on top ofeach other put a little bit of powderedsugar on top and a little half dome ofbutter and there we gojiggly fluffy pancakes done[Music]so there we go now you know how to makethe most amazing fluffy pancakes ever Ihope you enjoyed this video don’t forgetto hit the like subscribe and yeah justthank you for watching my pancakeobsession I will now proceed to nevercook pancakes again have you know somany pennies[Music]

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  4. I’m like wow a new video haven’t seen any for a while, check channel history and there have been tons of videos release. Damn YouTube algorithm.

  5. Was literally just watching the compound butter video like, ‘man, it’s been a while since homie made a video’. These look awesome- you always upping my kitchen game

  6. The Asian market near my house does pancakes once a month and I always miss it. Now I cant wait to make my own, shits gonna be lit!!!

  7. How long will these hold before serving? Can they be cooked and reheated / kept warm to serve later?

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