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FLAMING HOT PANCAKES?! The Pancake Recipe You Have To Make! Crepes Suzette!

#AD | CREPES SUZETTE – An absolute classic dessert recipe that everyone should learn how to make!

I’ve teamed up with the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute to bring you a mouthwatering French Crepes Suzette recipe! Thin pancakes cooked in a sticky and sweet orange caramel sauce and finished with a flambe of Grand Marnier for added drama! This is definitely the perfect recipe to highlight how important it is to have working smoke alarms in your house. Make sure to check out this video on how to make this simply decadent dessert! #Sponsored #SmokeAlarmsSaveLives

Get the recipe here:

Learn more about smoke alarm safety here:

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Video Transcription

hi guys in honor of Fire PreventionMonth I’ve teamed up with the folks atul firefighters Research Institute toshowcase the importance of fire alarmsin the home and there is no betterrecipe I can think of to make for youthen craft Suzette it’s a classic Frenchdessert recipe which is sweet and orangescented and best of all it’s finishedoff with a sweet sticky and boozy flambesauce this is a flaming hot dessert andI can’t think of a better recipe thatshowcases just why you need a workingfire alarm in your kitchen now it’s avery simple process to make we’re gonnastart off by making a pancake batterthis is a craft batter with some flowersfrom milk a little bit of eggs and thensome melted butter so let’s get thebatter on to make the batter start bysifting a hundred grams of plain flourinto a large bowl separately add twoeggs to 225 milliliters of milk andwhisk until combinedzest 1 large orange directly into theflour pour the milk and egg mixturestraight into the flour and mix untilthe batter is smooth melt 25 grams ofbutter in a pan until nice and bubblingadd some melted butter straight into thebatterand then mix until nicely combined now Iguess the only difference between thisand a regular CREP batter is the factthat you’ve added the orange zest butthis will go a long way that little hintof citrus fragrance will give you afantastic end result last little thingto do is add a pinch of salt any sweetdesserts always require that littlepinch of salt just to balance the favorand sometimes that little bit of saltwill actually go a long way to amplifythe citrus flavors that are throughoutthis dessert so okay we are in businesswe have a pancake batter ready to rockthis needs to sit in the fridge forabout 30 minutes just to lay the glutenin the flour to rest then it’s time tofry off make some beautiful pancakes andget our crepes Suzette[Music]right before we get into this nextsection of the recipe which involves anopen flame it is high time we check thefire alarm and this is something thatpeople don’t do often enough it takesminutes to do and it saves lives nowhere’s a good tip smoke alarms should bechecked at least twice a year and youcan do that just around the time theclocks change but it’s also recommendedto be checked on a monthly basis toyou’ll prevent that annoying chirpingreminder and you’ll have that peace ofmind knowing your home is up to date andsafe ok fire alarm is tested the creptbatter is now ready to rock so all I’mgonna do is crack through this batterfry them off until we have a nice goldenbrown on each side keep the more room inthe oven and then it’ll be time to makeour crepes who’s that Finnish flambemagic using a ladle pour the batter intoa nonstick pan with some melted butter[Music]after 1 to 2 minutes flip and cook theother side[Music]once it’s cooked follow the crepes twiceand then keep them warm in a low oven[Music]now before we get into the flambéingsection of this recipe I want to talkabout firearms one more time becausethis is an important one and it’sdefinitely something I’ve been guilty ofin the past we used to have thisterrible old fire alarm in our old housein Ireland that was so old that it wouldjust set itself off even if I was justcooking in the kitchen so there’s a lotof people who will deactivate their firealarms because it’s a nuisance in thekitchen but unfortunately a lot ofpeople forget to turn them back on whichis such a risk to take and now mostmodern fire alarms can actually tell thedifference of normal cooking compared toan actual problem in the kitchen of firein the kitchen so with that in mindwe’ve tested the firearm we’re good togo I’m gonna start off by making a verysimple caramel so I have a little pot ofsugar we’re gonna get it straight intothe pan we were using to make thepancakes and all we’re looking to do iscreate a nice caramel so you’re gonnacook that aid until we have a rich andgolden caramel while the sugarcaramelizes juice two large orangesgetting the perfect caramel does take amoment and it is really hot so you haveto be careful with this but you’re justgonna swirl the pan don’t be tempted toget in there with a wooden spoon oranything because you don’t want thesugar to crystallize this is almostwhere it needs to be I can see eventhough this is a black pan I can seethat just around the edges this is anice golden brown color so at this pointnow we’re gonna get the butter in hereand really create a gorgeous and anxioussauce so butter goes in it will hiss itwill bubble a little bit but that’s okayswirl that butter in there and now it’stime for that orange juice so come inand have a look at this this is wherethe actions are oh hellothe smell right now is so fantastic soI’m just swirling the pan to make surethat caramel gets involved and it meltsthroughout that gorgeous orange juiceand what you’re left with is this likeanxious sweet and citrusy sauce which isperfectly ready for our warmed crepeswhich are in the oven so just to laythat caramel to infuse into the sauceand you’re pretty good okay this looksfantastic just come in and have a lookyou’ve got gorgeous bubbles happeninghere you’ve got that sweet sticky sauceand now once we’ve got it at this stageit’s time to get the crepes in there adda ground then yay and then get thatflame going evenly coat the crepes inthe hot caramel sauce while it’s stillon the heatlastly carefully pour a little bit ofGrand Marnier into the pan tilt itslightly towards the flame and thenflambe for that perfect crepe suzettefinishbut a flambé action I’d still have myeyebrows intact but come in and checkthey say because magic effects is thatis right here in the pan you can seethat little bit of caramelization thatgorgeous gorgeous flambé action is gonnajust infuse this very humble dish withso much flavor[Music]I mean just look at that this is wherethe magic of this fantastic recipe is atthat is an absolutely gorgeous that therecipe crap to that finish it off withsome orange zest if you like or evensome orange segments tossed in thatgorgeous sauce I think we need to try itthis is just one of those recipes thatis so humble I mean it’s literallypancake batter that is just doused ingorgeous sophistication there’s a reasonwhy these are classic recipes becauseyou can’t mess too much with that it’sjust buttery it’s sweet its caramel Eand best of all it has that little hintof orange running all the way through itand in the sauce as well this is afantastic recipe to check if yourfirearm is actually working because Ican guarantee when you flambe as you’regonna know there’s a flame in thekitchen but it’s a really great recipewhatever the occasion and as always I’mgonna leave a link to the recipe in thedescription box but leave us a commentletting us know if you’re gonna givethis gorgeous one ago and until then myfriends see you soon[Music]this is now gonna be fried out I don’tfeel I don’t feel my love

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  1. Yum looks delicious tell max i love him sooooooooooooooooo much and i say hi to him love dogs tell max he is my friend drooling over my samsung galaxy j4 love your recipes making me hungry Thanks Ramya

  2. Ok yes I did that. Wouldnt stop going off even though I took the battery out. ???? Hammer got the job done. I will replace it, you are right!

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