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FITV Bakes – Best Pancake Day Pancake Recipe

FITV’s very own Station Manager Paula Fowmes shows us the best way to make pancakes for Pancake Day!

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Video Transcription

hello it’s Pancake Day on Tuesdays sowhat we’re going to do is make somepancakes very easy all you need is fourounces of plain flour a pinch of salt 1egg and half a pint of milkthen you just whiz it all together therewe are and we’re ready to cook so firstthing needs to do is make sure you’vegot a decent cream cake pan so it’s anonstick pan and you don’t let anyoneever use it for anything else rightnothing at all my husband once he’s myprank cake pan to fry some prawns Inearly divorced him so you need one andyou only use wooden or nylon stuff on itso it doesn’t mark it that waynothing’s gonna stick to it and then youjust put a little bit of knob of butterin there tricky the pancakes is you needto make sure that your pan is very veryhot needs to be what’s called smokinghot so you’ll see some steam coming offit however that will burn the bottle sowe just melt the butter first and thenjust pour and it’ll only be a little bitof butter that goes in there and givethat a stir into your mixture so justtake the excess fat from the pan andjust let that heat up nicelythe thing is the first pancake is notgoing to be great I can guarantee itso I normally let my first pancake behalf a pan like this flick it oversometimes it’s great sometimes it’s notbut it’s because the first pancake isnever any goodso the first pancake you throw away[Music]and what you’re waiting for is pancaketo dry off so you can see that themixture has dried off and when it’sdried off be able to flip it over likethat so if somebody has used your panwith metal implements or for doingsomething they shouldn’t do in it yourpancake won’t look like this it’ll be amess in the middle in which case youfind the person who use the wrongimplements on your pan and you go andsmear that mess all over their face sothere you arecrip pancakes perfect with lemon andsugar or even fresh fruit ice cream andchocolate sauce slightly different styleof pancake is an american-style pancakeor a drop scone these are great forbreakfast so what you’re going to needis four ounces of flour but this timeits self raising not plain flour butyou’re gonna add to that a teaspoon ofbaking powder now the thing is when itsays it’s a teaspoon of baking powderit’s not just any old spoon you get outwithdraw it’s actually a measuredteaspoon so teaspoon of baking powderand an ounce of sugar in the recipeprobably castor sugar but you know whatthis is granulated sugar because that’sall I’ve got and then one eggand 4 fluid ounces of milk and a pinchof salt forgot that bit and then whiz itall up right and we’re ready to cooklast time for the crepes we used a lightpancake pan this time you’re going to beusing a cast iron heavier based pan thisis much better for this type of pancakeit also doesn’t need to be so hot thistime the mixtures a lot thicker thanlast time it’s a little bit lumpy aswell but anyway and also you can makeshapes with it if you wish not that I’veever tried to now this time rather thanwaiting for it to go dry what you’relooking for is bubbles that areappearing on the surface that shouldmean that it’s cooked on the other sideso I’m going to very gently using anylon and not a metal spatulait’s just gently lift it up and turn itover because you’ve had that risingagent not only in the self raising flourbut also in the baking powder as wellyou got about puffing up of the pancakeand you want to have a go of these havea go and put them in for thehorticultural show because there isactually a category for tops comesperfect we just plain butter or drenchedin maple syrup

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