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first time making pancakes + spontaneous room transformation :D

I think it’s safe to say I don’t belong in the kitchen whatsoever… but at least my interior design skills aren’t complete trash 🙂

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Name: Tatiana (Tati)
Age: 20
State: Florida
Vlog Camera: Canon G7x & Canon M50
Editor: Final Cut Pro X

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Video Transcription

I have a feeling this is gonna gosomewhere I just know myself welcome tomy kitchen so today I woke up thismorning one in pancakes and I’ve nevermade pancakes before therefore I figuredlet’s make them togetherit’s 11:30 one so I think this is liketechnically brunch time I don’t knowI’ve been up first like quite some timeactually I don’t know lately going tobed like I have been doing this inweren’t blackout don’t remember how Ifell asleep where I fell asleep theother night I woke up at the end of mybed horizontally it was really weird andlast night I think I fell asleep around10:30 but then I woke up around 3:30 inthe morning and I came out here ate acookie I think got back to bed but thenI don’t remember falling back to sleepmy sleeping schedule has been all sortsof confused I don’t know why I’ve justbeen so sleepy and tired maybe I’mpregnant I’ll just say I woke up thismorning around like 9:00 and I wantpancakes and normally my dad makes uspancakes every Sunday morning it’s likea thing and it’s Friday two days awayfrom Sunday but I just can’t wait I justwoke up this morning and craving nothingbut pancakes so I know this is not gonnacome out like my dad’s because I’m surehe has like some secret ingredient thathe puts in but I’m gonna attempt tofollow the instructions and makepancakes this morning for breakfastbecause whenever I’m doing anything forthe first time I feel like I have tovlog it it would be disrespectful not tobecause most of time things go wrong andit’s my job to capture all things Ihumiliate me and put them on theInternet welcome to my show so let’s seeto make six to eight pancakes I highlydoubt him to eat that many but I mean Iam kind of hungry six day pancakes youneed one cup of mix and 3/4 cups ofwater coat the griddle with a littleCrisco pure vegetable oil heat it overmedium high heat or turn off yourelectric griddle to 375 okay so we’veliterally have the exact thing we needwhich is Crisco brand vegetable oilstuff and I guess I’m gonna spray thison the griddle I’m Jesse I just movedpan like that this is actually theperfect size of woodenalright I’m gonna wash this and reuse itbecause this is only the size ofPancakes they want I washed off my panand now we are going to spray thisshould we keep this up first sorry toput this on medium to high so I’mguessing that’s like number six do justnot smell goodsounds like farts now we’re gonna makeour mix so pancake mixing water and abowl mix it until you get rid of anylarge looks we’re going to use thislittle guy and then we need so one cupof mix and we’ll do like half a cup ofwater then one cup half a cuplet’s get it I’m not gonna eat this manypancakes so one cup of mix the stuff isgetting everywhere do you think I coulduse milk instead of water or do I haveto use water and I use milk or pancakessubstitute with milk for a richer flavorthat I think this is still good untilNovember night okay we’re gonna do ahalf a cup of thisnow we’re gonna spoon big old spoon Idon’t think we have a list oh my god wowI’ve never cook in my house so I alwaysassumed we just don’t have anything butwe really have all the right tools nowwe’re just gonna mix this up all right Ican’t like feel this radiating heat ontomy back all right so we’ve got our midstwe are doing things I’m not gonna waitthree minutes for it to stand becauseI’m hungry so I’m just gonna put thislike that and we’re just gonna go and dothis I’m scared now the question is howdo I know when to flip it one toone-and-a-half minutes on each side oruntil they’re golden brown now you’reready to serve up a short stack let’sget a little here go fluffy she is isshe ready to flip oh wowshe a little burnt okay well now youknow to not let her sit that long andthis is why I don’t cook wellthat is one sad looking pancake we’regonna do this a couple more times andhopefully this time I promise is italready burning what am I doing wrongguys what am I doing wrong this is notright you know but it’s fine I like mypancakes kind of her anyways all rightthis one’s gonna be it this I feel itthis is the winner this is gonna be theone the golden child you know what Igive up how does one make pancakes I’mpretty sure I was supposed to use butterI don’t know if you would call thisnecessarily a fail or a small successbecause I did make pancakes now are theygoing to taste good probably not but Idid make them here we go this is myfirst time making pancakes why what iswrong with me I really just think I’mnot meantto be a wife or a chef or I just don’tbelong in a kitchen at all I could mylast two came out pretty okay and thefirst ones were definitely a little bitrough so we’re gonna take some butterflavored syrup hopefully this makes ittaste goodoh yeah okay now we’re talking look atthat this is the deal-breaker does shetaste as bad as she looks wait a secondthat actually feels so good wait arethese the pancakes huh I just madethere’s no wayokay she’s actually very doughy but Ican handle itNick I need feels like IHOP pancakesokayyeah the burnt ones are not in chief allright we’re just gonna all right so Ithrow away the burnt ones because Ithought I could eat them but they tastelike ass and now we’re just left withthe last two that I’ve made with thebutter which tastes really good but Iguess what we learned here is one youuse milk and butter not water and CriscoI think I’m just gonna have my dad makethese for me for the rest of my lifebecause this was not funI tried I tried they’re not that goodokay well now that I just wasted I’vegot 30 minutes in the kitchen trying tomake pancakes and they’re not I’m notgood I think I’m gonna have some cerealor something yeah this is a nice attemptand I wasted about three pancakes butyou know you’re loving you learn andsometimes you mess up and you mess upthat’s it[Music]I don’t have any more of these leafthings this is actually two whole packsof them so I’m probably going to orderlike two more packs online and then waittill they get in and then put them upbecause this looks cool and if Ican like cover this whole wall in thisstuff that would be epic there’sabsolutely no reason for this I was justeating and I was like you know what Imean in the bedroom around which happensall the time because I’m a doughnut Ican’t keep anything the same for morethan two seconds so the next thing I’mgonna do is now start hanging myPolaroids and my pictures over here onthis wall I had them all over here andlike a little cluster but I think I’mgonna hang them up like not overlayingeach other I want them to be like kindof spaced out so that way they kind offill up this whole entire wall yeah I’mso excited cuz I have to disclose withcameras that I’m gonna get developedfrom the wedding this past weekend inAustin and I’m so excited to see thepictures I get backs because not gonnalie I don’t remember taking any photosthe day of the wedding if that gives youany entail of how much fun I had so I’mexcited to see all the zombie pictures Iprobably took it’s gonna be great thisis our next project and then afterwardsI’m just gonna clean up everything andput my bed back together and I think[Music][Music]

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