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Video Transcription

hello my name is Sally Bobby – soharshly : my number ID is five nine or$14.99today we are going to make pancakes itstart first of all we have to prepareyou to them and ingredients togetherfirst pot – round red oh please fourfive two eight six three highlights sixfamily unit of milk 6 mm thick I willuse a sponge for afor into the pot[Music]okay after that we will add milk and toeight[Music][Music][Music]one man me you use round reader to storeand oh we shoot new strata to startuntil the dark is finally quit without abra[Music]and this step is take a long timewe should startokayhe’s almost finishedhmmm smell goodand I commit it and I love it to eatpancake and I know that because of mysister she teach meokay just finish watchthat’s a quick okay and thendoesn’t itand then I’ll put the broad in the boxover the top where and put in the wastefor 15 minutes before frying we aregreatokay well then Tupperware pleaseTupperware[Music]putting Springslike thisthat’sfor 15 minutes after this it’s time forus to fried pancake touch okay we haveto prepare first pan is too small tospoon and use this teaspoon okay threeplate of pancakes for battle button cutsplease looktrue before theseso quit screaming Oh cinder is noelectric pants and I therefore have tocontrol the fire will must be as rightas possible who first we used it puttinon pan but be careful don’t put it toooverokay wait a minuteWowHey[Music]like kids[Music][Music]you


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  4. As someone who accidentally points their phone to the ceiling, can I just say thank you for including that pic of Matty on the ceiling? Also, PANCAKES!!!

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