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EDSP 339 How to make Pancakes

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Video Transcription

Hello everyone my name is Natalie Fletcher and
today I’m going to give you instructionson how to make pancakes step by stepokay so first we’ll need a skillet for
cooking the pancakes a spatula to flipthem and of course the pancake mix and
Pam to spray and then we have a bowl anda whisk to mix the water and the pancake
mix togetherokay so first step is we’re going to put
on the stove you can put it to mediumand place your pan and then you’re going
to get your Pam and spray the panokay so next we’re going to take our
pancake mix and pour it into a cup andthen once you’re there pour it into the
bowl so the recipe calls for 2/3 cups ofwater but I only have a 1/3 cup so I’m
just going to put 2 and so then you addyour water, the second cupokay then you just whisk it until its mixed together, alright So then you can take anything to scoop
it and then scoop a little bit and thenput it in the middle of the panSo you wait three to five minutes and
then when it gets bubbly you flip it andthen wait the same amount on the other
sideonce the pancakes are done you put them
on a plate and then you add syrup toyour liking

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