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easy way to make pancake ! 😋 | Cooking With Narjes

hi guys 👋
My name is Narjes this is my youtube channel 💖

today I made pancake bcz you asked to and hope you guys enjoy watching the video ! ❤

Question you may ask :

Q_with what I film ?
A_with my iphone xs

Q_how old am I ?
A_I am 12 years old

Q_what inspired me to cook ?
A_my grandmother

Q_with what I edit my videos ?
A_videos guru

music used : alan walker

thanks if you read tell the end 💖
don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and to give this video a big big thumbs up and to share it with Friends and family 😊🌸

have a nice day 🍃☀❤

Original of the video here

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