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Easy Pancake Recipe and Secrets (super easy to make!!!)

Hi thank you for watching my vlog. I hope you enjoy it and make good use of this tutorial.

Below is the recipe and procedure on how to make pancakes the basic but yummy way!

Flour 4cups
Baking powder 4tbsp.
Egg 4pcs (large)
Mantikilya 1tbsp.
Sugar 4 tbsp (depending on your taste)
Salt 1/2 tbsp.
Vinegar 3tbsp.
Milk 200ml (optional)

Mix vinegar and eggs in a small bowl
After mixing, set it aside
On a larger bowl
Mix together flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, and Mantikilya.
Make sure to melt your mantikilya in a room temperature.
Then mix it together and gradually add milk.
If the batter is still too stiff to mix, gradually add water while mixing.
Put additional water and keep mixing until you achieve the average thickness and watery level of a batter.

Once you’ve done it and no lumps are visible, you can start heating a pan in low heat and add a bit oil if non stick, once. Or add oil on a regular pan every single time you pour a batter.

Once bubble has built up on the other side, your batter is ready for a flipping.
Do this until your done.
You can also add chocolate chips on top of the batter before bubbles appear to make a chocolate pancake.
Spread a jam that you like or pour a syrup of your choice then serve!


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Video Transcription

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