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Super easy, super simple and very good tasting protein pancakes. Try them out yourselves.

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Video Transcription

[Music]today we’re making protein pancakesthey’re easy to make they’re verydelicious and they’re kind of so yeahlet’s get into it you only need a coupleingredients a banana some yogurt acouple pegs oats and protein you’regoing to want to start by putting twoeggs in the blender[Music]then you put in 50 grams of oats onewhole banana two scoops of wheat proteintoday I’m using the strawberry bananayou can use whatever flavor you want Ikind of like strawberry banana in mypancakes so yeahand then you add about 50 grams ofyogurt yogurt is for the consistency ofthe batter then you go and blend it allup you want to eat your pan up on amedium-high heat I prefer to use anonstick pan because it’s just easier tobake the pancakes put in some spray thenyou start adding your batter to pennytoday I was feeling strawberry bananabut you can experiment with all kinds offlavors sometimes I use chocolate orbanana but you can also use vanilla orwhatever flavor you like if you want youcan add some chocolate sprinkles to itfor a nice flavor when it starts tosolidifynow you’re gonna ones for the pancakesover[Music]as you can see the first batch failedbut normally you get 10 to 12 smallpancakes with this batter second round Irecommend eating butter straight awaybecause they’re still hot and they’renot as nice when they’re cold[Music]the camera battery died so there is thefinal result if you liked this videoplease like and subscribe and maybe Iwill see you in the next video

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