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Dutch Oven Pancakes – Pancakes on the Lid

This is a collab video with Papa Texas. This is how I cook pancakes using a dutch oven. Specifically using the dutch oven lid. I Make some cowboy coffee and a little bacon. Then some perfect pancakes on the dutch oven lid. Check out Papa Texas collab video.

I am a single woman currently living full time in a travel trailer. I retired in December 2017 and moved into my truck camper when I put my house on the market. My house sold in April 2018. This is my journey of my travels as a woman RVer.
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Video Transcription

good morning it’s about 638 I got it
took a shower and fixing to make some
cowboy coffee
so the purpose of this video is I’m
doing a collab with pop of Texas and
we’re gonna cook pancakes on a Dutch
oven lid what I’m gonna do today
my Dutch oven actually needs to be
probably re seasoned and out here
without an oven really I’m gonna try to
do it on the campfire so what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna put got a fire going in
here I’m gonna get some chuckles going
here and then I’ll put the the rack on
there and put the Dutch oven upside down
on the fire and it’s gonna be heating up
a Dutch oven and cleaning it out it’s
got some rust and stuff on it so and let
that die down a little bit but it’s also
going to heat up the Dutch oven I’m
gonna put some coals on top of that and
then put my lid on it and then I’m gonna
make some breakfast you’re gonna kick
some turkey bacon first and get some get
the lid seasoned really well
before I kick the pancakes
okay I’ve got my coals on top I’m gonna
put the lid on top just like that okay
bacon sizzling okay the bacon is crispy
done let’s get that up there and start
the pancakes
so took two at a time I may need
to just cook it in the middle but I’m
gonna bond up here shortly
sit Ben go ahead and flip this one looks
perfect stick in a little I need to add
some more I’m gonna add better perfect
the lid is so hot I use put better on
there and it kind of burn so I decided
to use coconut oil this one’s looking
really good okay let’s see if I can turn
this big big pancake that’s beautiful
works great cooking pancakes on the lid
my last pancake see this big that’s how
you make a pancake on a Dutch oven lid
once again this was a collab with Papa
Texas if you’re not already subscribed
to him go over there to his channel and
subscribe he does a lot of cooking
videos with his granddaughter’s and
they’re fun to watch and there’s always
something good he’s cooking in Papa’s
kitchen so go check him out

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