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Demonstration Speech – How to Make Pancakes

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Video Transcription

hey do you see but you’re just in time
they are going to be learning how to
make the best pancakes anywhere I was
gonna say Bermuda but in the world so
here we have our ingredients we have our
oil milk a little bit of baking powder
flour sugar measuring spoons and cups
so what I have to do yourself my dry
ingredients perhaps those cracks we’re
going to put a cup of flour
a tablespoon a teaspoon a teaspoon of
baking powder they’re finally on the dry
side we will put 1/4 teaspoon
and I actually like to put my note in as
I’m staring professor it’s your right
amount of thickness you know not too
ten pancakes so the first one don’t
really want to make you be just to testa
right and then you see you start to
bubble that’s when you put that little
flip first one so it’s like because it
is spray the back with the second
our bubbles from scratch

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