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Delicious PLANTAIN PANCAKES. How To Make Ripe Plantain Pancakes

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channel ifyou’re new to this channel all mygoodness I just want to say the bigwelcome to you and I really appreciateyou it means so much to meand if you’re not me thank you so muchfor stopping by – today we’re makingplenty pancakes I used very ripeplantain pancakes guys this recipe is sosimple to make okayit’s so easy super easy super simple andguess what’s really really reallydelicious okay just to get youringredients plantain and eggs that’s itanybody can pull this off okayso stick with me while I take youthrough how I made these plantainpancakes and they cost that – that goeswith it alright thank you so much andkeep watching and don’t forget tosubscribe and like and share thank youso much that really means a lot to methank you know this recipe you need twoeggs and two very very ripe plantain seehow ripe this is very very right sothese are the two major ingredients inthis 20 recipeokay plantain pancakes so I’m just gonnapeel the plantains break the eggs andI’ll mix them to get plantain alreadyI’m gonna just break the eggsTricia annoyed fists and this is what Ihave I will show everything into theblender you can mash it up by yourselfif you decide to if you choose to but Ijust want to blend it so in the blenderand looks like I have onions already nowput some salt and some pepper into ityou can do whatever you like into itdepends on what you would like okaypeople are different like me I loveonions but some people might decide notto put onions but I love onion so I’mgonna have that’s onion flavor in myplanting pancakes I love it that wayokay so I’m just gonna blend this amixing bowl before so look at theconsistencysee how that lookswhat the pancake it was likeokayand don’t forget guys the plantain isalready very sweet so you might not needany sugar in this recipe because ifnothing is it’s also sweet because it’svery very right okay so you might notneed sugar but if you are a sweet toothyou’re a sugar person if you love somuch sweetness you can go ahead and addyour honey or add sugar but for me it isalready too sweet so I’ll just leave itsimple a pinch of salt is heating up Ihave a little bit of oil as you can see[Music][Music]plantain pancakes it’s getting ready I’mmaking custard to go with it so guys areplenty pancakes is ready it’s done okayso I’m gonna be having it with somecustard see so guys please try this youwill be glad you did I’m telling youit’s so delicious look at all thepancakes see that so I know I’m gonnareally have a wonderful time havingthese okay so thank you so much forwatching and don’t forget to subscribeand like and share okay thank you somuch see you in my next video bye fornowso guys I’m gonna try this and tell youwhat it really tastes like that’s thefun part you knowOhmy goodness this is so goodNoso goodI cannot show you try this come back andleave your comment belowok thanks for watching thanks forwatching bye for now

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