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Cook’N’Chat – EP 2 Pancakes

Peace be upon you all!

Welcome to a brand new Cook’N’Chat episode. In today’s episode we will be making Pancakes!!! We hope you enjoy!

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Keep smiling and stay strong!

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Video Transcription

oh just an hour time okay so you today’swe goit’s one of that beating up people whatwe making I’m making pancakes but we gotno apron upit’s all we’re gonna get messy out heremiss yeah I’m going to teach you how tomake pancakes today cuz you can’t makeit I can’t make it okay let’s turn itaroundyeah teach me and the whole hand on solet’s yes let’s tell the peeps once 1 1don’t do the ones you will need a bowlto mix all your ingredients in and awhisk or you can use a fork to whisk butit’s better best you need weighingscales self raising flour two eggs andsome meat and a bowl of emptiness yeahyeah and a plan of emptiness and paintand a gas full of gasok we’re going to weigh about 220 gramsso 220 220[Music]II look okay[Music]chatting about cooking up this is aFacebook you’re in the wild guys I knowI knowwe sorry but don’t worry once a weekhopefully inch’allah you making videosholla holla holla holla we make anInstagram video today about in pancakeshow do you need to have to eat it whatto put on ingredients to pond okayis that gonna really pop out you washyour hands guys remember to wash yourhands yeah we going that pause to stepto the egg and the shell and the rednesslet’s see how you do oh yeah wow it’show you do it I couldn’t do that when Imade pancakes I put everything togetherwhat do you know the yellow thing thenno other thingoh wowthis is all new to me last time mypancakes was about a year ago so Wowlook at that Wow yeah you just beenseparated making hot dog in the kitchenobviously[Music]Wow yeah we’re gonna mug fit with thestylish watch oh is going in fluffinesswhen you move your arms a bit toad letme know on it okay this is the partwhere it’s scary to straighten theblankets to be made come on[Music]so guys we’ve done the mixing afterpancakesOh No yeah yeah we’ve done the mixing ofthe pancake I drop my own phone and airphone and yeah but things are all doneso this is the stage where we are gonnamake pancakes we’re cooking butter orwhatever you preferwell mrs. buffets but this is stop putthe pan on yet okay yep you don’t carehey Casey burning[Music]usually you should have like a littlethem lint is less done hours later a bitmore scarier yeah yeah why do you needthat well your experience doing it soyou can do and if you don’t do it youfailed you failed the pancake[Music][Music]I usually do this to make it more biggeraround okay round one fair hey no noit’s still like a round kind of shakewanna thing anyway so guys you need tohave this of the pancakeslady it’s good it’s good it looks niceDave Oh a spare that’s beautifulI don’t know what that thing’s pointingout there over it’s beautiful are wegonna sweat the whole pancake just onejust one just one guys and then we showyou the end product of what we do thismonth cause I saw what you guys couldsmell it smell it viewers it’s my biteright now tell you mamas to make it tellyou wife’s to make it tell yourhusband’s to make it tell your sister tomake it make a run now you wanna seethat eight o’clock in the evening makeher up now yeahChipping guys going go in the kitchentogether make it make the pancakes makepancakes in the morning make it MickeyMickey Mickey Mickey Mickey pancakesmake pancakesokay okay go on then I wish you cansmell this but Missy quit somethingwhich gets Miley’s museoh look at that we will show you thepancake number 25 day and axion I won’tbe 25 we about hey okay guysyou see you very soon very soon aboutsix pancakes Oh a lot obviously this isthe biggest one and we’re just gonna addtiny and just stuff on it cuz we don’thave any fruit like blueberries andcream and stuff so yeah guys enjoyedthis videowe’re sorry that it’s not really a chatvideos more just to cook video I need tomake the tea but guys peace be uponyours welcome back to our childhood andstay strong and keep smiling and keepsmiling and stay strong yes so guy justlet us know what type of content youwant us to create and we hope you enjoythis pancakes video I know the pancreasdon’t look very nice but that’s what I’msaying to get a ladle to make the shapelike proper siranyways like share subscribe support usguys let us know what we do you knowwhat is important for us I mean let usknow what we do let us know what videosyou would like to us to do comment onthis pancakes if the way you make andyou want us to make in a different waywe will do it we will do it we will doit okay oh by the way why would you sellfling it phrasing flour is so that youdon’t put baking powder on your pancakesit’s just more how to auction that’s howwe do it but anyway you keep smilingface bra bang bang

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