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Cooking With ya Boi!!! / How to make blueberry pancakes/ Who’s pancakes are better mine or Quona’s

YouTube What’s Poppin????! COME COOK WITH YA BOI… Today we made Blueberry Pancakes I made em my way Quona made them her way. Who do you think had the better pancakes???? Hope you all enjoy the video don’t forget to like, share, comment, & Sub my s**t!!!





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My Blueberry Pancake

3.2ounces of all white egg whites

1 serving of quick oats

1 whole egg

1 serving of pb2 powder

100 grams of blueberries

ground cinnamon


Quona’s Blueberry Pancake

3.2ounces of all white egg whites

1 serving of quick oats

1 whole egg

1 serving of pb2 powder

100 grams of blueberries

ground cinnamon


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Video Transcription

you can turn it now oh hey baby I just
want to start the video off by saying I
do offer online coach you know all you
gotta do let’s go to in pyramid scroll down click the online
coaching week and hire you your boy yeah
let’s get into the vlog
you too what’s popping man so it’s
Sunday morning
I’m about to whip up we’ll us up a
little breakfast you did so I’m about to
make blueberry pancakes
these are the things that you’re gonna
need just to make the pancake um so
you’re gonna need all white egg whites
yeah I’m saying you’re gonna do two
service to service of all white egg
whites gonna need you some oats you’re
gonna do one serving the oats
blueberries gotta have your blueberries
bro and you’re gonna do a hundred grams
of blueberries one large eight feeling
saying those are all the things that
you’re gonna need
now me I like PB to powder it brings out
again it gives that up peanut buttery
flavor you give them saying so I’m gonna
put one serving of this in mind you
should try it also now let me use some
of this oatmeal seasoned maple brown
sugar you dig what I’m saying and I’m
gonna use ground cinnamon these right
it’s the nice thick spray that will you
cook everything you get something it’s
like I said on my no no you scratch me
onami oh all right so let’s get know I’m
gonna use a blender man I know some
people they use a uh this thing right
let’s just carve it weeks yeah so some
people use that I’m not gonna do dang a
tenner I’m hungry
so I’m gonna use a blender right so
first thing first man make sure you get
you a full scale man way this stuff out
because it’s so easy to go over your
caloric intake man if you don’t weigh
out your food so you’re not on a bulk
what you fooled up man put any must put
in my fitness pattern scale on zero that
thing up I got my two surface of egg
whites right here Govinda
BAM mmm give my oats
zero that thing bag up one serving of
he’s 40 grams half a cup
oh it’s gonna be there man
honey grab the booger believe these
already so you don’t want a 0-0 it up
boom that’s 42 grams need honey a bit
moody listen angel thank I’m here
huh 93
got them good hey when you get old you
get excited I still like this yeah I
think you know something that’s not all
that’s mine oh I put the eggs in the
freezer by mistake so we got to go get
our boy here I’m like oh I’m like an egg
field man it feels so weird you know
Phoebe to puck like I said before
because he rode up I like this stuff man
now this is my pancake I’m gonna make
corn one also you want so many oh yeah
but you’re gonna do one serving one
serving the thirst 13 winner
hey man make sure you read your
nutrition facts me
on the right on my badge although I
didn’t put my see you see that and I
don’t uh a lot of people they miss or
season I don’t miss you see I just do it
from the soul I do it it to my great
great great grandma telling me to stop
big you heard it the mic rkz free and
say the reason black people food tastes
so good it’s cuz when we cease not who
our ancestors tell us to stop you know
heard it mine to mean stuff but don’t
blending the whole up man on be right
back at you all right so I got my pan
keep blending man that’s me good don’t
no y’all can’t Smith so I make sure you
pre-heat your pan you want your pan nice
and hot man big I’m saying so we’re
gonna spray something that up yeah oh
poor you
pancake batter in there
ii have a purple pancake yeah
blueberry pancake you gonna make you so
I’m gonna let the pancake get all tight
rinse this thing out and then show y’all
results ready because it doesn’t have
enough air bubbles at the time so when
you see those little circles pop up the
air bubbles if they’re all over the
place that’s when you know it’s not a
flip it but there aren’t enough so it
hasn’t cooled enough on one side there
you go man I didn’t know that I just be
eyeballing it and messing around with it
and missing my pancake although I’m glad
you told me babe
so when the pancake is done like we said
last time I’m gonna make cuantas pancake
a little differently and then we’re
gonna take some manners you’re gonna
taste mom taste so we’re gonna see which
ones but I’m saying how do we 100 always
make sure you hit that subscribe button
right now make sure you hit that Bell
man so you can get a sweet lord
vacations let’s drop these this right
here is a clear sign
oh you teaching me how to swim they
think they might fill take the job
believe it do you try not do you what I
supposed to be mr. Miyagi man you pose
didn’t karate keep good check my name
hey you to Magister buy something man I
forgot to put stevia in mind but cuz I
texting I was like hey man nice me sugar
so Qantas eight saying buy her
stevia man make sure you ask stevia to
you to your pancake man you know I’m
saying or you don’t have to honestly it
tastes it tastes fine without the stevia
of your highness but that Stevie is
gonna add that to it you know I’m saying
he’d have a tasting like a hunch of mom
pancake feed so also I’m sorry I what
kind of cert we’re gonna use that
Wallace foreign Cali the free serve you
did what I’m saying
get you some of that for so and uh
you serve on this my often it taste man
keep wanna know good let me hold on mean
take you over by it tastes wanna go
Missy your they been man only straight
up you got to make now man I’ll turn get
down boy
get down
bad that you’re not very I mean if you
can get away from the burnt taste oh not
that bad mother I didn’t hide I cooked
my with the same tactic all right let’s
see this is mine that blueberry now I
know that you’re good that was good
oh you totally smeared peanut butter on
top oh yeah like what corners right I
did I can’t believe it’s not butter she
did peanut butter and hers is amazing
man so we’re gonna eat this oh no I mean
I almost did you didn’t you know her
blessing Massie but he’s straight
blessing no it’s okay so yeah I believe
in I turn my back she had to put
something different hurt really in a way
that’s how you make blueberry pancakes
like I said the difference between mine
and my wife’s is she didn’t mix the
blueberries in hers and she had only 20
grams of oats and what else 50 grams of
blueberries and she didn’t mix the
blueberries and she just cook she
sprinkled him on her own on the batter
when she put the batter into the pan I
you too
so i’m mridu macros for the pancakes man
my macros are 33 grams of cars here we
go my macros are 47 grams of carbs 9
grams of fat 20 grams of protein not
Murray quantity macros for you guys for
her thank you
okay hers is 26 grams of car seven grams
of fat 25 grams per team so there you go
and that is how you make a blueberry
pancake remember what I said go make
sure you add stevia to it man that’s
what I forgot I forgot to put the stevia
in there but it’s still busing though so
just imagine that we would put that
well that’s how you make a blueberry
pancake man I want to say appreciate you
guys for watching the video hopefully
this video helps somebody you know I’m
saying because my goal is to change
lives you gave I’m saying I love 70
pounds and nine months I did it a very
hard weight I’m gonna be real but I
figure out my mistakes and I’m gonna
share my mistakes with you guys and I’m
gonna help you guys you know I’m saying
so that you can lose the weight easily
you feel me in a healthy way
Dave I’m saying and you can still me and
you can still enjoy some of the foods
that some like like pancakes but with
that being said I’m gonna say I brought
with Chavez all right with me
don’t forget to go to your peer mountain
lettuce dot-com shop with us inside see
y’all again we gonna give money no we’re
gonna get fit gonna stay fit we’re gonna
shopping in peer mile is calm we’re
gonna get money keep God first y’all
stay blessed right now

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