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Cooking Pancakes but I don’t have a recipe.

Pancakes are a classic for Sunday mornings and they are amazing when made well. So in this video I attempt to make pancakes but without a recipe or any sort of measurements. Yeah I know his isn’t an amazingly original or good idea but pancakes are good…

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Video Transcription

hey what’s up look back at the Christmastable again and today we’re gonna bedoing some thinking and we’re gonna bemaking pancakes but it’s a twist I don’thave a recipe or any like measurementsor anything I’m just gonna have to guesshow much of everything to put in itshould be two hours just pancakes likekind of simple I guess but I think I’vegot everything that I need I got flourbaking powder baking soda so digs andmilk but I don’t know how much haveeverything to put in and at the end ofwhat I try these that could be horribleI don’t know I’m gonna get myself afive-minute timer and at the end of thatfive minutes whatever batter I have inthis bowl I’m gonna cook and see how itis okay so I’m gonna start the timer inthree two I feel like we should startwith flour that seems like how muchthat’s probably good right now we’reprobably more as flowers like the mainthing[Music]now let’s mix this up okay that’slooking good looking goodkind of doing market stuff the eggshow are you cracking good let’s go twoweeks let’s crack open the milk can youhear thatit’s doesn’t need a little bit more milkoh no that’s too much milk we’ve got aliquid now you can’t see that but it’sjust flour okay we’ve got 30 secondsleft 10 seconds it’s it’s looking bitterstill got a little monsterokay it doesn’t look bad I’m gonna get abit of you me you see that that is ourmixture it doesn’t look completelyhorrible but now I’m gonna cook ithopefully so I’ll see you guys in mykitchen okay so we’re going to thekitchen now and it’s probably a big dropin quality cuz I’m using my phone and myheadphone mic hopefully it’s still fineI don’t know so we just went for thisFrank pen right here to heat up and thenstart cooking pancakes doesn’t lookhorrible looks like a pancake would lookwhen it’s cooking okay when do I flip itI don’t want it to be burnt and it feelspretty good okay this is the moment oftruth the flip that looks very pale okayso we’re probably gonna cook that sideagain it does not look done but itactually looks kind of like a pancake soI’m really happy with thatit smells like hold on yeah it smellslike eggsit smells like eggs being cooked rightnow doesn’t really smell like ait doesn’t really smell like a pancakeokay I feel like this one’s done itdoesn’t even look that bad hold on thatlooks like a decent pancake okay we’regonna cook one more and that’ll be theone I actually try and hopefully is goodOh guys that is a perfect golden brownpancake I’m actually proud of that dudeI think this one’s done we’re gonna takethis back to my room it feels a littlebit these are good pancakes I was notexpecting it to actually turn out goodin the middle it’s like betterright pregnant this is a really good pega I’m so pleased with myself that Iactually make good pancakes without arecipe without any measurement that wasactually very good the hick thanks forwatching today we learned that you don’tactually need a recipe to make thepancake so you need this big brain tofollow my recipe to eggs it’s a bit ofmilk bit of flour sugar whatever we’vejust discovered that recipes are scamfirst thanks for watching peace

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