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Cooking Pancakes and Breakfast Mubangs 먹방

Mubangs 먹방 and cooking. Demonstrations of recipe
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Dry Pancake Mix
4 cups all-purpose flour
3 tablespoons baking powder
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons sugar

To Make Pancakes
1 cup pancake mix above
1 egg
1 cup milk or buttermilk
1 tablespoon melted butter or oil


Dry Pancake Mix

Combine all ingredients. (You can easily double or triple this part)
Store tightly sealed in a cool dry place.

To Make Pancakes
Preheat & lightly grease a griddle or pan over medium to high heat.
Combine 1 cup of pancake mix with egg, milk & butter or oil.
Pour 1/3 cup batter and cook until bubbles on the surface of the pancakes have popped (about 3-4 minutes). Flip and cook until the underside is light golden (another 1 – 2 minutes).

Recipe Notes
Each 1 cup of dry pancake mix will make approximately 5 pancakes.

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Video Transcription

Oh fluffy little pancakes areuh y’all y’all need to help me what am Idoing wrong with this light mansomebody need to help me if I turn thatoff I know I’m experimenting guys withchild staring right here in front of mebut y’all help me out help me out ok sonow I’ve counting the other light offI’ve still got my overhead light on nowif I turn this Bank on I’m gonna turn itdownand I don’t need it is right and I’mstill working on I’m still working onnow let’s see what this does[Music]nope I still washes out the food I don’tget it I don’t get it I need some helpy’all somebody help me out tell me whatI’m doing wrong mr. Brittain and belovedset them all Stefan Tasha somebody helpus Lister out pleaseyou[Music]okay good morning YouTube lovely bikebutterfly here for another month longand I know you’ve seen me eat pancakesbefore but this morning I’m gonna cooksome pancakes and to all of you who aresubscribed welcome back to thebutterflies nest if you haven’tsubscribed go ahead and click thesubscription button and then go aheadand click that notification bell so thatyou always notified when I upload newvideos so let’s get started alright sothe first you guys I’ve told y’all how Imake my own pancake mixture so this ismy pancake mix and I’ll put the recipedown in the description box again but itwas on my previous pancake video sowe’re gonna start with 1 cup of thepancake mixand then I have one tablespoon of butter[Music]and I have one egg and to that I amgoing to combine about one cup of milkand this is whole milkah you know with about a tablespoon ofvinegar and what that does it createsbuttermilk I’m gonna start that up andas you can see it starts to turn themilk to better milk just a little bitmore vinegar[Applause][Applause]now what exactly the vinegar does or Ilike to make buttermilk this way andhe’s you’re gonna see it starts tocurdle a little bit I don’t know if youcan see that on the spoon anyway okaybecause there is baking soda as well asbaking powder in the pancake mix thevinegar creates an effect with thebaking powder baking soda and makes thepancakes extra fluffy and so that’s whyI never I rarely buy buttermilk wheneverI use buttermilk whenever I wantbuttermilk that’s how I made buttermilkokay but before we start the pancakesI’m gonna let that sit there for aminute so that the vinegar can totallycarrying that yolk into buttermilk I’mgonna open package of rajala sausage[Applause][Applause][Applause]and I’m going to remove the skin fromthis sausage I don’t like just you knowmy brother don’t the casing the skinwhatever the hell you want to call it Idon’t like it I don’t like it I don’tlike it I don’t like it[Music]yeah I’m gonna place my sausage on thegriddle like that and I’m gonna go aheadand turn right along so now that we’vegot the sausage situated I’m gonna goahead and add my butter milk to mypancake batter and I’m just gonna add ita little bit at a time I may not needthe whole Cup but it’s pretty close tothe whole hook[Applause]uh hello you yeah and this is about theconsistency you know what I don’t likethis right life it’s got too much like Idon’t know why this is a consistency Ilike my pancake batter okay so I’m gonnaput some butter on my griddle[Applause][Music][Applause][Music]so how’s everybody this morninghopefully today is the day I get thistaken care of my appointment is therefor four o’clock this afternoon soand I sure what temperature this isErnie mortars the numbers have writtenoff house but it’s about I would sayit’s about 350 between 325 and 350so while that’s working I’m gonna takesome of this stuff back to the kitchenand I’ll be right back okay what I do umaha little remote-control field you know Ithink I’m about ready to flip I’ll justturn this down just a little bit and bythe time I come back they should beready to flip[Music]come on stupid bang no maybe I ready toflip now let me go ahead and flip him sothis is being stupidhow about that burnt me that mount mealright hopefully this thing a turn-offnow and didn’t get turned off oh hellokay anywho these are ready and as youcan see it was one more it was enoughfor one more pancake in the bowlso I’m putting here to me even thoughI’m probably not going to eat it I’llput it in the freezer or something forlater so wow that one is cooking I’mgonna if I’m here to get my eighth gradeoh crap okay go ahead and get my eggsreadyokay be back again and now I gotta goclean off my spatula since I’ve droppedit on the floor[Applause]all right I’m bit so half let thispancake and a fork back at the forkwhere I don’t tell me well okay allright we don’t have all the medium eggsinstead of scrambleI really want to scramble the eggs todayI really didn’t want all the Liamokay so I think everything is aboutready so I’m gonna turn this off alittle sprinkle this with a little saltand a lot of black pepper[Applause]all right of y’all so now we’re ready toeat you know I’m gonna do this I thinkI’m gonna start out with those two ahbless me[Applause]ah I’ve got my Mrs Butterworth outhmmso freaking good I love me some nicefluffy pancakes when I have absolutelynothing to drinkhuhknow what this is like choking me righthere anything down here there’s ever afeeling every time it hit me on her namenow that’s allhmm another bikethrown on pancakes if I have to say somyself done pancakes oddball bomb bombdiggity bomb mmm hot and fresh off thegrill I’m thirstywe’re going to drinkyou get something to drink real quick beright back okay so I’m back and Idecided they have some orange juice andthis time it is just orange juicecuz I got things to do todayokay be going it’s a little hot tellhomelessyeah Club beetles pancakes areuh y’all y’all need to help me what am Idoing wrong with his light man she mightneed to help meI got the new camera but I’m not usingit yet because I need a piece which willbe coming today so that the camera sitsbetween the rain light there’s an actualcamcorder I don’t know that’s gonna makea difference or not versus just using mycell phone what I’ve already todetermine is that I’m not gonna be ableto use my lapel mic with it I’ve testedit I’ve been purchased the adapter thankyouso I know I don’t I’ve purchased theadapter they’re getting was like a PC Ineeded the three posts instead of theThor post 3.5 millimeterClub it still don’t work I don’t knowwhat I’m going to do as far as soundhopefully the camera has enough thevolume on the camera is enough Oh Nowhat’s gonna happen when it comes tosound I really don’t I really couldn’ttell you but I know the ring light thatI’ve just got while it illuminates mejust fineit washes out the food you can’t see itall right do I need to bring thebrightness down on the camera I mean onlight I’m still working on this one sideof it is falling down so I got to readsecure that back up there this issomething just pull it out I just turnit offyes only see now excuse me okay that’smy other lineif I turn that off I know I’mexperimenting guys with child staringright here in front of me but y’all helpme out help me out okay so now I turnthe other light off I’ve still got myoverhead light on now if I turn thisback on I’m gonna turn it downno I need it is rightand I’m still working on I’m stillworking on now let’s see what this does[Music]nope still washes out the food I don’tget it I don’t get it I need some helpy’all somebody help me out tell me whatI’m doing wrongthere’s Brittany and be lovedsit them all Stephon Tasha somebody helpus list out please tell me what I’mdoing wrong as far as lighting okay yeahthat was good and I’m full I don’t knowI don’t take much for me okay cool[Music]anytime I got a sitter dude I’m stillgonna need a nap okay so all y’all whohave subscribed thank you forsubscribing and welcome back to thebutterflies nest if you haven’tsubscribed go ahead and click thesubscription button and then click thenotification bill so that you alwaysnotice that when I upload new videos Iappreciate all of you that continue tofollow me please go ahead and likecomment share and until next time lovelyblack butterfly and spreading my wings[Applause]you[Music]youOhyou

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  4. I’m a fan of crumb topping. Super easy to make and a crunch element. But I think I’m going to try the cookie cutter method next time.

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