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when was the last time you cook yourselfa breakfast meal that wasn’t eggsoatmealtoast or something similar to that themonotony of everyday life is importantand mix it up a bit and try new thingsfor example you try making some pancakespersonally I’ve been making pancakes fora while I first did when my parentstaught me how when I was 10 years oldI’ve been doing ever sincepancakes are always a great addition toyour breakfast food arsenal they provideyou with several vital nutrients they’revery simple to make and they tastefantastic so where do you even startmaking pancakes well first you’re gonnamay need to make sure that you have allthe proper ingredients and materialsfirst of all you’re going to need thepan and the stuff obviously you’re gonnaneed pancake mix and measuring cup theyneed water you need a bowl and someutensil to mix the batter in you need aspoon to pour out the batter you need aspatula to flip the pancake and it’sready and you’re gonna need butter tobutter up the pan so now that we haveall our materials we can go ahead andget started first thing you need to setthe stock to about medium while that’swarming up we can start making the mixso you take the pancake next and you’rejust gonna pour about half a cup intothe measuring cup once all that strongjust pour it in and then you’re gonnapour about sixth of a cup of water andthen you’re gonna pour that in and thenwe can start mixing the important thingwhen you’re mixing pancake batter is tohave just enough water in just enoughpancake mix one thing you want to avoidis if you have too much water thenyou’re going to start seeing somebubbles in your pancake mix and thatmeans that it’s two things so if youactually for exampleif you look at this one right here it’snice and thick there’s no bubbles at allif you poured it in with bubbles thenyou would get something really thin andit’s gonna look like your crepe and it’snot gonna be what we’re going for sonice and thick just like this one of themain concerns when you’re makingpancakes is that a lot of people want tostart off their day really healthy andsome people don’t think that pancakesare a healthy meal well they actuallyprovide you with a lot of very usefulnutrients such as carbsfiber and iron so be tremblay andnutritionists states that are serving inpancakes and I have around 250milligrams of calcium so as in fact truelooks like we’re just about done withthem next and before we pour the batterin it’s very important to use butter thebutter of the pan before I even beginthis is because if you don’t have thebutter then when you put the pancakebatter in and you try to flip it lateron it’s gonna stick to the pan and it’sjust not gonna work out it’ll stick andit might just ruin the pancake so we cango ahead and start pouring out thebatter so just take one scoop and youjust pour it out just like thatso here it is now we haven’t really donemuch but we’re honestly almost done withthe entire process it’s been reallysimple and if you don’t want to take myword for it according to NationalGeographic humans have been makingpancakes like meals for almost thirtythousand years so all I’m saying is thatif a caveman could do it I’m sure youguys could figure it out so what we’regoing to watch for it is we’re going tolook around the edge of the pancake andwhat it starts to get solid around theedge and it starts to gets dark startsto get darker that’s when you know thatthe entire underside is completely doneand you can flip the pancake and itlooks like we’re getting pretty closeyou take a peak or two and make surethat it’s darker on the other sidebefore you flip it because you don’twant to mess this part up if you flip ittoo early it’s just gonna tear theentire pancake apart and if you flip ittoo late it’s gonna be completely burnton the bottom side so this is all goodwhip it just like that all done we’repretty much like completely set on thepancake we just gotta wait now one ofthe reasons I like pancakes so much isthat they just taste so goodone of those reasons why it tastes sogood is because of the texture it’sreally fluffy as I’m going to show youin a second when it’s all done thereason for this is because of glutenRick Martinez a chef says that glutenand pancakes is made when you mixtogether flour and water so the floursand mix and water obviously add waterand when you combine the two and you putit on the stuff the combination of ofthe two and what the gluten makes itrise and that’s what makes it so fluffyso as you can see it’s reallyhere right now and it’s ready to takeoff and here we arehere’s our pancake so we’re all done andI just gotta say pancakes will always bemy favorite breakfast food there is soeasy to makethey have several vital ingredients I’msorry nutrients and they are sodeliciousand honestly when it comes down to itthey’re the perfect family-friendlybreakfast meal I have so many greatmemories being with my parents makingpancakes and eating them togetherso next time you’re starting to startingto get tired of your ordinary breakfastmeal gather together your fat yourfriends and your family and makepancakes together

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