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COME COOK BREAKFAST WITH ME- My Buttermilk Pancake Recipe! Zeinah Nur



Wet Batter;

1/3 full fat milk
2 Tbsp melted butter
1 Egg
Vanilla extract

Dry Batter;

1 Cup All purpose flour
1 Tsp Baking powder
1/2 Tsp Baking soda
1/2 Tsp Salt

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Video Transcription

good morning everyone how are you all
doing I hope you well I say today I have
decided to film yes another come cook
breakfast with me I have filmed a couple
of these before I would leave them a
link down below if you guys want to see
what dishes are made or you want to
replicate them and try them and cook
them for your family have a look at
those videos because I made amazing
delicious dishes in those ones but today
I fired from another one because it had
been so long since I last build one and
recently if you follow me on my
Instagram if you don’t make sure you do
I’ll post something every single day and
all my stories that is not on my grade I
should probably get better at that but I
thought I would share with you guys my
pancake recipe because they always make
pancakes on weekends and it’s just a
family tradition of ours we love
pancakes and we love making them on
weekends because my husband’s not
working we get to spend the day as a
family and it’s just one of those
comfort dishes on weekends you know
every morning we wake up to pancakes
well I like to do that anyway on
weekends my husband makes the best
pancakes I will put my hand up to that
and admit defeat I used to think army
the best pancakes but I don’t since that
tasted his and since my cousins and
whoever to come over to our house for
breakfast I tasted his they all think
his pancake is our amazing and I’m
constantly bragging on Instagram like oh
my God my husband’s pancakes are amazing
you guys want a recipe for red he
doesn’t want to share it but I have my
own pancake recipe which is just as good
obviously I’m not gonna lie to you and
say that much better with you I wish it
was but his clothes it comes very close
as a close second so I thought I’d share
with you guys so you also can make
delicious pancakes we all loved once the
family members for breakfast lunch or
dinner who says this has been made for
nobody yeah I hope you guys enjoy this
and you try it out let me know we think
of this video okay by subscribing
of course don’t be stingy subscribe it’s
free ok you don’t have to pay for
subscribe but yeah let’s get started
with the pancakes so the first thing
that you have to do when you’re making
pancakes is get your butter in the
microwave and melted and you also need
to make your buttermilk because these
are buttermilk pancakes and you couldn’t
well and true to go to the shops and buy
buttermilk but I don’t use buttermilk
for anything else apart from pancakes
and is so easy to make it at home what’s
the point of buying it so I just make it
all the time because it literally is
milk and vinegar or milk and lemon
depending on your house what I always do
is get my measuring stuff ready and I’m
exactly why I need because I do this
every single weekend so what’s a milk
milk this is something that my husband
picks up
it’s a free-range organic whole milk
that you can put in the cupboard but I
have some milk left here I’m gonna use
it up and you need three fourths of milk
and I’ve got 1/4 so I’m just gonna use
three of these I’m just gonna get my
milk and get on with making my wife’s
milk and you just need that 2 teaspoons
of vinegar did I say 2 teaspoons I mean
tablespoon now we’re literally just
gonna leave this aside somewhere for
five minutes to do its thing but what
happens is when you leave it to set
aside it thickens and creat some
buttermilk how easy is it to make
buttermilk what’s the point of view I’m
buying it because I know for sure if I
bought it and I have no other uses for
it apart from making pancakes it would
definitely go off so just make you’re
always so easy you guys saw that two
ingredients you have butter milk and
buttermilk honestly makes your pancakes
so lovely and fluffy so you definitely
don’t want to miss that step out
hopefully about pancakes gonna taste as
good as my husband
I think Philly let’s see what happens so
whilst the buttermilk is doing this
thing we’re gonna get the dry
ingredients ready and by the dry
ingredients I mean you can fly
to just measure out we need one cup of
flour this is what I always make for a
slot and we’re a family of four I should
probably do two but I’m very used to
doing one cup so one cup it in should
probably do this in the sink you’ll
probably see this I’ll probably way
better so to the flour I’m going to add
in two tablespoons of sugar by the way
if you have a bigger bowl use that I
clearly don’t so then I’m gonna add in
some baking soda and baking soda so now
that the dry ingredients are done I just
need some salt and we’re done with this
so here is our buttermilk as you can see
is thickened and that’s exactly what you
want not all this is done we will add in
some eggs one to be precise and we’re
gonna add in some butter
he’ll probably try it later so I’m gonna
get a little whisk whisk this but first
I’m probably gonna whisk the dry batter
just so that all the little bits and
little balls of flour is all sieve down
cheating cheat way and then I’m gonna
mix this up put them all together now
you’re going to add the dry to the wet
and if you have a big bowl you should
probably do that and then put it in
something like this because I like this
purely because I can pull easy out of it
so I’m gonna add little by little and
mix it just to get the clumps out of it
but I don’t want
all mix it as well does that make sense
once the butter is ready you just want
to leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes
preferably if you can’t just make it but
if you do let us say it does tend to get
a lot fluffier because all the
ingredients have had time to sit chill
marinade and it just tastes better in my
opinion but if you can’t wait
make it straight away so I’ve left the
butter to sit for around 10 to 15
minutes now now it’s time to make it
finally I’m so excited I’m gonna be
using this tiny pan just to get the
correct pancake shape and but you don’t
have to you can use a bigger one I think
I’m gonna do two pounds actually because
I want to get this done a lot quicker so
with these pancakes because it has a bus
are inside of it you don’t actually need
any oil or butter for the pan so you
just pour in
look at that you saw how quick is to
make these pancakes I am done I’ve
decorated as you can see with some
chocolate drizzle it’s a Nutella and had
some strawberries and blueberries I
actually want to take this up to my
husband I’ll probably try a piece he
won’t mind just to show you guys that
it’s not poisonous and the ingredients I
told you to add are not disgusting so
let me go yellow phone book and we can
try this oh my goodness when I just cut
into these pancakes you guys are gonna
have to take a closer look at this
spongy cakey pancake
I’m not even exaggerating wow just wow
honestly guys try it look about trying
it let me know you guys think give this
video massive thumbs up if you enjoyed
it and don’t forget to subscribe if you
want to see more videos from me thank
you guys for watching once again and I’m
gonna end it here because I’m starving I
woke up at 6:30 it’s get ready plus I’m
filming a bunch of other videos today so
I need to get started and it’s only 9
o’clock and I finished filming the first
video when thank you guys so much for
watching and I’ll catch you in the next
one bye bye

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