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Can Baby Twins Make Pancakes?

Cat and Sophie are trying to make pancakes for the first time in their life!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so today dad and Sophia are gonna makesome pancakes let’s see can babies makethinking first we’ll need a bowl a metalbowl then rolling either a with yeah ohyeah I think something is missing Ithink we need a cup where is the copyyeah now we have a copbut I think we’re still missing a veryimportant ingredient and this is a pinkcake mix whoa are we gonna try to makepancakes this big of course we areyeah we need a big Oh Dada is gonna helpus to force them in into the wall[Music]yeah there’s little helpers cat is ohyou’re putting thing cake mix on theisland that’s not how it works Yoshinow we should mix it now we should mixit with water now we just need to add alittle bit of water and now we need tostart making out yes Sophie that’s rightwe need to start mixing it yeah youcan’t lose yeah that’s rightjust like that[Music]is it delicious raw Sophie is itdelicious raw oh she likes it gakushingun you are so good well I think we needa little bit more waterso everybody is busy doing what theyknow best God is stirring is mixing andSofie is eating so he stops feeling goodSophie Sophie do you like it we areready to fry our pancakes first we needto spray itlet’s see you when you just spray thefrying pan oil yeah we need to let upthe stove put our frying pan on we haveour batter ready so now all we need todo is to wait for the frying pan to heatup yes don’t be can’t wait and then wecan start frying some pancakes ready weare ready ready ready this is whathappened Sophie is a strong strong girloh my gosh now we’re just gonna pour ourbatter into the frying pan here good jobSophie good job good jobno dad is gonna whop we have to flip itah yeah the pancakes are hot now all weneed is just to add a little bit ofmaple syrup yay perfect and this is howI know he’s so excitedah so delicious thank you for watching[Music]

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