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#breakfast# pancakes #momsonthego | HOW TO MAKE CRISPY EDGES PANCAKES

How to make crispy pancakes

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Video Transcription

hi welcome to mom’s in the go YouTube
channel we thank you for watching
another edition of cooking in the
kitchen so today we’re gonna make is
pancakes and it’s Aunt Jemima pancakes I
know you guys have made pancakes before
but we’re going to show you how to get
the crispy edges around the pancakes
like if you go to an old school or
restaurant and they have the crispy
edges pancakes that’s we’re going to
show you how to make it’s pretty simple
and we hope you enjoy as you see this
morning I am making some Aunt Jemima
buttermilk complete pancakes everybody
knows how to make pancakes but you may
not know how to get the edges crispy on
the pancakes so this is what I’m going
to show you on how to make get the edges
crispy so I have all the items that I
need and this right here little gadget
is what I’m going to pour the mix into
and the ingredients or the mixture the
directions is on the box we have the
Aunt Jemima complete buttermilk pancakes
you just add water so that’s pretty
and then I’ve mixed it up in here right
and it’s a consistency it should have a
little bit runny so mix it up for my
family and so what I’m going to do is
pour this mixture right here into this
it’s kind of broken there a little bit
one of the little pieces broke off but
this is a really good thing because once
you put it in your pancake mix in there
you just push that out like that okay
and the pancake mix come out really
simple so that’s what I’m gonna make my
pans are over here heating up so we’ll
be right back
okay here we are we have our pans
already we have two I’m Wonder Woman so
I have two pans going at one time so
we’ll have we’ll have make two pancakes
at a time I like to do that instead of
one at a time and so we’re going to take
a little bit of vegetable oil see we
just have a little small thing of
vegetable oil that we got at HEB and
we’re going to take the vegetable oil
I’m going to use one that I have open
already which is another little brand
Kroger and so we’re going to pour a
little bit of vegetable oil in the pan
it’s already heat the pans already been
heated and we’re going to pour a little
bit there and we’re just gonna let that
heat because the pan is already heated
so it’s not going to take long and you
see that it sort of heat it and once we
get our pancake mix in we’re gonna go
ahead and pour it in there
okay so I have my mix already poured in
a little container here so I’m gonna
take this and just let a little bit out
like that okay let that drip and I have
this little top here because it drips
out and then I do the other one alright
and I put this aside
okay so we’re gonna check this so this
is what it looks like now so you’re
going to make sure that the sides are
kind of dry and then you have the little
holes on the inside so you take the
pancake and flip it over right so you
see it already has the crispy edges
right there and we’re going to take some
more vegetable oil and we’re just going
to pour it on the sides a little bit
right so then I have the other one over
here right not as many I’m not really
sure why it’s not as many holes but
sometimes it has to at least make the
first one okay then I’m gonna flip it
okay then we’re gonna take a little bit
of oil here and pour it around so we
know pancakes are not the healthiest so
don’t worry about all the oil okay
we’re just gonna allow those to cook for
just a little bit on the other side
pancakes are pretty quick we’re already
gonna have two done really fast I use
two pans at one time I sometimes I use
three but today we’re only using two ok
we’re gonna check the pancakes have our
plate right here yep that’s done see
it’s nice and went out on the other side
it’s almost too done and it’s our other
one so we have those two nice and pretty
so we’re going to take those we’re just
going to put we’re just a minute and
then you take a little bit more oil put
in the bottom of your pan both hands
they’re already heated up so push just
kind of swish the oil around
swish the oil around make sure it covers
the whole thing
okay then we have our pancake mix again
so just make sure that all is in the
middle so it’ll get around everything
and then we put it in this pans kind of
we cut it in there okay so those are you
so we’ve got two more going
so to make sure they do have the crispy
crunchy edges like some of the
old-fashioned restaurants do you want to
make sure that you have enough oil right
here kind of going around and then that
one has some trying this Spira
just a little bit the burner and that
one’s just fine
okay let’s check on our pancakes
there’s the little holes in there it
gets ready to turn so we’re gonna pull
up it over okay we’re gonna take a
little bit more oil pour it around there
you see we have a little crispy edges
right there
okay let’s check this one for some
reason this one isn’t cooking them at a
high rate but it’s okay whoops I got to
wash off my spatula because I dropped it
so put a little oil there alright put
some in there
okay we’re pulling this one off you see
it’s ready we have our crispy edges
right here
and this one this one’s ready
I’m gonna pour a little bit more oil
and also I like to use the you know
older pans they were kind of Teflon back
in the day but a little bit older but
they cook pancakes so good
okay moms on the go here’s a final
rendition of our crispy edges pancake
pancakes plural so there they are nice
and crispy see the edges right there YUM
okay we hope you enjoy make sure you
subscribe to our channel for more good
quick yummy recipes and we appreciate
you watching have a blessed day

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