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Being silly with Harper making pancakes

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey what’s happening Food Channelwe’re making pancakes and then givingthem to my mom and my sisterI’m a my we’re going out but now I’mgonna get off of it so oh yeah thegradients you need is a skillet a bowlif you want it um not chunky then get anegg bake keep No thank youbetter than the powder – measuring cupsone cup and 1/4 cup a spatula I’ve – andthat’s it waitand our goal is to try not to make amess but there’s anyone I know that’sthe first mess we need to charge it topjust do something they said yes or no[Music]look atdidn’t even – oh sorry that’s hard forme they probably know because you’realways in my videos yeah yeah mostly nowe’re making pancakes but I’m not no Ididn’t make one mess it’s not one messmade yeswhat time did you come downstairs I knowokay still on this knocking you got muchpancakesI know okay dad sure I put the skill on300 or 250there’s only 335 okaydo I have to spray the pan okay likethat small 20 in it[Music]okay I know I had a bunch of marks oncuz not even more I think that doesn’tsmell even cookingnow this isn’t getting hot skillet butthe line was on oh they’re they’re notskidding front yeah you can stop ityeahyou don’t cuz I’m Bella’s gonna have toeither busty on may only have six monthsleft to school think it’s a Greek wantthe propwhat is frigid I really would miss youstart seeing bubbles at the top but yourhead because I don’t want you to swingyour head it started to but it’s notready yetOh perfectI always wanna cook for something yeah Iwatch it perfect flip when I made himwith shel beep I made all the batter andthen she would flip them I will let youfor them butlike is it done yet[Music]pushing it off the pancake oh oh Imissed the book she like this ohoh that little ones brake harder thatlittle tiny onewhat’s your highest youth them this waslike four hours yeah cuz you told meyesterday they’re gonna have the video Idid a video me riding my hoverboardplaying slide going over the neighbor’shouse with Taylor oh yeah I thought theever move cuz we wanted to yeah we’llhave it with the MAI’ll show you how useful it is I didroll together talk this take there youdon’t have to do this but if there’s nodrippy like that and then dump its holdit this would pretty much done so I canget it off the Middle’s not notice forthat okayit’s gonna be wavy everybody’s noseI don’t think three I’m here rightI was just wait this one I’m gonna getoff at this up hereI’m just waiting for the middle they getcooked this meal off cookedNo[Music]we’ve only been together for 16 I feelyou’re gonna do it for longer I know onetime me and Phil for three hours or fouryeah but I think that one’s donethe other ones like the best of it[Music]I don’t know man here you might need alittle more[Music]let’s go for my movie would probably getsix show them good yeah this middle isnot done not you’re not done yet thoughso when you get done and you will pickit all upOhit’s done[Music]that’s how small they make theirpancakes at school maybe like a littleboo-boo only make a like tiny babythough[Music]top of the page let’s go tiny[Music]Oh roseall right Brad I’m so getting heyinjuried don’t touch the silver partthem take your supportyeah crazy sir don’t touch that that’sreally I’m treating my neck becausethey’re not doing that wavy we take yourmomthere’s not one thing where you push onthe briefs into saying that goes righthere because I need it but do I put thisI want this one what do you wantby

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