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Bajra Savoury Pancakes | How to Make बाजरा चमचमीया | Healthy Pearl Millet Recipe for Weight Loss

Bajra chamchamiya are traditionally made out of only bajra flour and no other flours are added to it. But to make it more interesting, quick and nutritious today we are making Bajra savoury Pancakes or चमचमीया with a mix of bajra and Besan. I have added greens to the dish, to make it healthy, flavourful and delicious. This is a very healthy winter dish which can be prepared quickly and can be served as a snack or even as a meal. It can be served with pickles, chutney, raita, yoghurt or simply with a dip.
This special Gujarati Recipe of Bajri Na Chamchamiya is very simple and quick to make. So do try out and let me know how was the taste in the comment box.

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Bajra Dalia
Apple cider vinegar
Mixed spices
Olive oil
Pure Desi ghee

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