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Video Transcription

[Music]pres Oakley Mafia family ends I am backwith another video in the kitchen againas you can see Peggy watching what isthat Ohanyways yeah I’m in a kitchen becauseI’m dishes clean by the wayso I mean it’s for if enemy five o’clockenough enemy but gotta keep it going soI’m gonna have to cook dinner because Imade mashed potatoes peas and was itsouthbend steak last night and that’swhat he so that was the rest of that soI’m gonna make me some pancakesyour girl had to look like a mom todayso this is what she did my head waslooking a little bit better this morningI did my makeup[Applause][Music]oh I know it’s like y’all gotta me[Music]I had two little the same once I’m Iwill give one away also got and I’ll sitfor I say boy because it’s blue not theshirt is red and he don’t need itbecause it’s the same so I gave tosomebody in me like you know and ohbottles he has a lot of bottles and Igot some new onesso if needed then I can give it to ya’he’ll know I’m Michelle and the video so[Music]I don’t check comments a lot likeclearly I really don’t so you probablyhave to DME Shantae 64 and tell me oneand and I’ll give it to you cuz I’m notgonna just throw it away like nobody myfeeling mediate like this spray righthere spray it in this pan is alreadydoing[Music][Music]well let that warm up want me to showyou how this stuff that I’m talkingabout all right so he has this I don’tneed this I have another one and it’sthe same way the same stuff[Music][Music]everything like shoes clothes jacketshats sweaters jean jackets play heycarci rocker swing that’s Annette bid hejust got everything so needed pregnantbetter come kitty first come first servealright so this is my lovely pancake[Music]same late I’m in assessing the same Bowlwanna make some pancakes the same y’allunderstand this when y’all have kidshonestly kids and the boyfriend gettingup every morning to take him a baby takecare yourself[Music]no copyright so we done I let him likeyou know watch that so you can get usedto colors and our region right okay sowhen you do you – I’m not uh I’m notokay I’m not the best youtuber I’m noteven like a close the best I’m a workyou like I don’t know very sunny to halfof my videos I think Wayne’s who I justpost them again but when you edit inyour videos like I might gonna say youI’m gonna just say me cuz when I add inmy videos and I just stopped my camerato do something and then put it back onjust stop and you’re doing stop it’saggravating to me so so now I’m justgonna be making one video just not even[Music][Music][Music]imagine yeah okay so my pancakes aredone let me show you howlike comment subscribe and I’ll be backwith another video

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