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Ada’s Bake: How to make pancakes

Ada shows how to make pancakes or crepes

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello and welcome to Edith baked today Iam going to help you to probably maybebe the easiest way to make a pancake itmight not be the easiest way to you butit probably is the easiest way to me soas we start off and you get a bowl andget scales and then set the bowl to zerograms and get some plain flour and pourit in until it’s pour 150 grams of flourinto the bowl okayand don’t worry if it gets the littlebit over I’d be practicing for a lotprobably a lot longer mine is that wasactually the mine is 150 if you get to103 or 102 or something like that youdon’t have to worry it’s gonna it’sgonna be okaythen if it goes like waver like 260 orlike 200 or something then you’ll getlike now you can gain egg don’t worryabout how much it weighs now yep crackit on the bowl take your fingers intothe carafe to go and then pour in thenyou have to then you have to press thebutton to put it back on to zero againand then get the milk and instead of 150350and you do have to a bit worried abouthow much you put in because once I puthim about about 430 in by accident andthen I like how to try and spoon themilk out which was a bit of a pain- long one 5d 850 okaynow you get like a whisk them there’slike in the shape like probably thebigger amount of the bowl and then youjust whisk it until it looks like lookslike it’s uh it looks like that’s whatit looks likedon’t worry about the bubbles just worryabout the lips now what you need to dois put this to one side for a second theeasiestthen over here ladle and then you getyour pan and to make sure that you’rechecking with an adult to help you turnthis Holborn or something and make surethat the pan isn’t too heavy for you oranything – like if you need to pick itup to do something and if you have neverflipped a pancake before then it’sprobably best to use a spatula like Ihave because I still haven’t learnt todo it with the hand by itself yet sothat’s so then you turn it on and putthis on about six or seven maybe Iprobably will put it on six just to warmit up and then once you think it’sheated up enough then you can put thebutter onI advise maybe just putting just puttingit mostly in the corners just put yourhand over it don’t touch it because thatproblem you will burn you and put yourhand just over and feel the heat comingup rising I probably know about theright time to put on though so I’ve beendoing thisnot ready yetwhen it starts getting like a like likeit’s like hot on your hand it’s likeyou’re like you’ve been touching how doyou say just like what a summer daymaybe and you beat and then there’s thiswell just as hot as you seen kids okaybut now maybe they’ll leave it a bitmore longer to make surelike a little mouse then you get thebutter hold on to this step make surethat doesn’t get on it and then you justput it round in the corners if it’sbubbling that means it’s good so I knowit’s not all bad so I and then you justput the butter on and then let they saywhat yourens I like that friend and nowyou just wait until you think maybe thatit’s right to climb up at the batter ondon’t worry if you think you’ve left itfor too long if you think you left itfor too long then justmaybe put it on sevenif you don’t have this kind of inductionhole then you could use one of these andjust turn it on to what you think isabout seven or sixstops making weird noises what it’snearly readyI think open it so this is just that Icould topped it to make sure that didthey yeah but it doesn’t drip or norwhere need drip on the table or anythingthen just put it like right next to itno not to and then just pour it onsometimes happens and then you just waitfor a bit until it starts to get goldenbrown stuff like that and make sure it’snot any liquidy I say okay so the cut isover as you can see it’s got much lessliquidy and I can if you want to checkhow burned it is on the bottom orsomething then you just need to fill upwhen you’re getting golden brown and nowyou just wait for a like half maybe twominutes longer and then you can flick itI’ll show you the map don’t worry[Music]yeah I think it’s right then you putthis under lift it out and turn it andthen yeah I’m a puppet and flipped asyou can see it’s um we’d gotten brownraising up and you can get a plate outI’ll just wait it doesn’t take as longas it does on that on the other side soit’ll probably be about mmm maybe don’tknow how long you do have to checkunderneath on this one – yeah that’salready alreadyso it’s very almost ready now and checkunderneath one more timeI think that’s ready so turn this on tozero turn it off put this to one sideagain pick it up and just let’s not doneyetbecause you need a topping like I’ve gotmaple syrup but I like maple syrup formy cake just open itnot too much and then get some cutleryand then you got a pancake ready to eatthank you for listening and thank youfor watchingyou

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