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4 ingredient Chocolate Pancakes!

Easy, affordable and delicious Chocolate pancakes!

Muffin mix Pancakes
Easy pancake recipe
Quick and easy pancake
How to make chocolate pancakes

1&1/3 cup of muffin mix
2/3 cup of milk or water (or mix em)
2 tablespoons of oil
1 large egg

Mix the dry and wet ingredient well.
Prepare your pan until a good heat.
Pour on to pan and flip until ready.
Enjoy fresh pancakes with Custard, creme or syrup.

(Theres no real rule to baking, except to enjoy what you made)
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Video Transcription

good morning guys my name is and today
I’m going to make you pay basically a
painting but today I’m going to make
and because I don’t want a lot of plums
I feel like doing this hops you can
either put the trying games first one of
the ball that makes all the materials
together perhaps make things different
it will be easier for you
great news
that would be rude but I guess
okay so then you’re gonna have to put in
two tablespoons of oil
so bad you can’t like a trust as you go
along if it’s too thick and a little bit
of walk in it’s too liquidy or runny
even I bake things and someone else come
along like no no I I do this alone over
myself thank you very much
okay it’s I’m gonna put it all in not so
much just a little bit so actually some
axial thing guys you can actually do
this and ever since I started doing this
I’ve been so addicted to it like the
first few days hook was fagged Diggs
everyday like it was just so good and
it’s so so good like this is the
consistency I want what you should have
a really cool idea and I love doing this
so what you want to do is for your
cooking oil into a bowl that way you are
be that way when putting oil into a pan
your better way of controlling the
mountain and I don’t think he’s oil
because fans just company killed it’s
weird you know like you know if
and what out with something also also
would like by doing scooping out the
liquid and pouring it in the band
there’s just a better way to really make
sure that you have great amounts of
everything you know so yeah I have a
thing for spoons and balls again so what
you want to do scoop someone I’m still
excuse me while I enjoy my chocolate

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