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奶酪雞蛋餅 [Eng-Sub] How to Make Cheese Egg Pancake | 早餐首选,一学就会, 好吃无比

這是壹款與眾不同的奶酪雞蛋餅。How to Make Cheese Egg Pancake, 容易學,非常容易做,更非常好吃。添加奶酪,味道豐厚。不僅經典時尚,而且營養豐富,是壹款理想的美味早餐。 by 众品味 Peoples Taste


雞蛋 4 Egg
奶酪 100g cheese
胡羅蔔 1 carrot
牛奶 2/3 cup milk
年粉 1 cup flour
食用油 1 tbs cooking oil
鹽 ½ tsp salt
蔥 green onion

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