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بان كيك سهل وسريع(Easy Recipe to Make Pancakes)

طريقة سهلة جدا لعمل البان كيك

Ingredients :
1- Two eggs
2- Half glass sugar
3- One teaspoon baking powder
4- One glass flour
5- Six tablespoon water

Recipe :
In a pot put the eggs and the sugar stir well for two minutes..
Add the water to the baking powder..
Now add the baking powder to the mixture of eggs and sugar..
Stir all well..
Sieve the flour then add it to the mixture..
Stir the mixture well..
Now put the pan on low heat and take half serving spoon of mixture put it in circle shape to the pan unil it get golden color then flip other side..
Make all the mixture in same way..

Original of the video here

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