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X-MAS EVE (I’m making cookies)🍪 🙊🌸🌻🌈☃️❄️⛄️☔️🌨❄️⛈🧊💙

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Video Transcription

hey guys going back to my YouTubechannel and it’s crappy where I live andwhere we cooking we’re making cookies meand my mom are making cookies and Ialready have the presence there’s a funa lot of presents and I’m sorry Ihaven’t made videos in a long time it’sjust because I was gonna make robloxvideos but my screen recorder is likebroken and never sucksit can only see my face yeah some whitewalls fineI’m listening to herokay sorry about my mom being annoyingit’s all around the trees and serve theback of the tree because last year wehad the back end with a lot of presentslike even more than this and bigger I’mso gratefulyou don’t have anything in our stockings[Music]you cannot see that picture she’sfooling me I just believe in Santa butthat’s her I don’t care I don’t listento hey guys coming down below if youwant a little luxuryAlexa how many more minutes left in thetimer the cookies are in the freezer wedidn’t take two to three hoursand then I’m a will publicly react to myold cringy last year’s movie well Italked to my friend that lives in Texasand we’ve been friends for three yearsshe’s like eight now and I’m none ofyour beeswaxI’m a 2-digitI’m not telling you my view and you canprobably know if you’re a true friend ifyou actually know me in real life do notcomment my actual ageum bye guysI hope you enjoyed this video youprobably didn’t oh did you probablylater tonight Oh on Christmas where Ilive I live in me Western it’s alreadyChristmas for the Easter sighs and sodacameI’m not going to show you opening in mypresence and I’m just gonna shake themall to my roomand I will show you probably my familywill be in there like my uncle orsomethingso so many guys know Easton if you wouldgo to my if you go to my school so I’mgonna go my mom was never coming I justthought she was coming because I heardlike door openingwait really I’m a geekI just like a dancing I lost ut3accidentChristmas is not all about the presentit’s about giving senior children behappy because you all got moms even ifthey’re dead there so your mom why do wehave an extra dad that was our dadbefore God I mean that was our dadbefore if you have a dad I think Asiansare pretty cool and I’m not a Korea booso don’t even sayI hope you enjoyed this video but youprobably didn’t I just wasted eightmayonnaise and thirty seconds of yourlife so you don’t have to subscribeprobably don’t I wonder how I got 17subscribers already thank you I’m verygrateful so love you guys bye I’m happyChristmas Merry Christmas I hope youenjoy your families and your familygetting gifts giving the gifts if youdon’t celebrate Christmas still have ahappy day you guys

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