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Video Transcription

[Music]fifteen how come I never know what dayit is well it is Friday December 13which like I Prix films that’s why it’sday 15 but it’s the 13th I know I’m notsure how I’m gonna like figure that outif like Christmas I don’t knowanyway that’s like a tangent in my ownhead but it’s a 15thor the 13th I have to go to work in liketen minutesum so I’m not gonna be filming today ifanything I might get like a few clips ifwe like walk to the library or somethingbut yeah I have to work 12 to 5 and thenI’m gonna get home and Dylan and I aregonna have some dinner I think we’regonna have passed oh we didn’t getchicken so I guess just pesto pasta um Igot Tomatoes put in it but I thinkthat’s it so yeah I’m gonna get home andwe’re gonna have dinner and then I’mgonna wrap presents tonight that’s likemy plan of the night I might add this inwith tomorrow’s video just because I’mnot gonna have much footage and it’sjust gonna be like me time ops andwrapping presents which I always forgetI can’t actually do that because somepeople are gonna see their gifts I don’tknow I’ll figure it out so you me theremay see this footage on like withanother day like with tomorrow’s footageor you may never see it at all so lovethat okay so it’s a lot later now I’mhome from work it’s like 7:00 7:15 andI’m gonna wrap presents and I’m gonnawatch a Christmas movie on Netflix it’scalled a Christmas Prince they havethree of them I’ve never seen any ofthem but I’m gonna watch that and wrapsome presents and this is gonna be apart of tomorrow’s vlog so this is gonnaextend tomorrow just because I don’treally feel like vlogging and I wantedto just have a night to myself and wrapsome presents so I’ll do a little timelapse of that and then I will see you[Music][Applause][Music][Applause]good morning guys happy vlogmas day 16how come I never know I should look itup before I come on here and say it butumoh no it’s 15 because this is a part ofyesterday’s because I barely filmedyesterday because I just had a chillnight by myself and I wrapped presentsand it was amazingand I loved it um uh it’s like 10 – ohit’s 10 exactly and I had just like alittle relaxed morning I didn’t go tothe gym I just got up and had breakfastand took some emergency because I’mdancing with a sore throat still and Ihave the worst headache of my life butit went away excited medicine anywayenough about the negatives the positiveis that I’m gonna go shower and tan andthen I’m gonna make cookies cuz we’regoing to Dylan’sfamily’s Christmas party today so I’mgonna make em and I’m cookie I’m gonnahave chocolate chip cookies and peanutbutter Reese’s cookies and then we’regonna go to the party then I have ababysit tonight but it’s like super easybecause I’m just going over like thekids are already asleep I’m literallygoing over to watch TV and just be thereI’m in probably edit this yeah that’sthe plan for today it’s Saturday it’s sorainy my backyards flooded there’s aflash flood warning until 1:30 umthere’s no snow because well there’slike a little but it’s like all rainedaway and then look I just put these upand I sent a snapchat to Dylan and myfriends I was like you know you were anadult when you start getting Christmascards addressed to you that’s Dylan’scousin and her husband and then this isone of the little girls I watch and yeahI know the mom that I of the kids that Iget on the bus in the morning asked mefor my address yesterday so I’ll begetting another one but it’s just socute I love Christmas cards we didn’t dothem this year but I definitely want todo them next year just cuz you’re alittle late to the game and I didn’twant to pay for it honestly but nextyear we’ll we’ll get on itso I’m going to tan and I’ll see youwhen I’m getting ready here already andmaking cookies all right so I was gonnaget ready before I started makingcookies but I’m just gonna get readyafter so I’m all this stuff up here wealso have quite a nice Christmas cookiesall right so I just thought the BettyCrocker chocolate chip cookie mix andthe peanut butter mix cuz they are 2 for5 and I’m lazy and didn’t want themmyselfalso this mix is really good I madethese are the ones I made for Halloweenwhen I did the spider cookies and theywere shot good so I’m gonna put M&Ms inthese monies green M&Ms and Reese’s andthese buttons customs are so good and Ilike them better than the Hershey kissones I guess I should have got someHershey kiss for some people also thatis definitely not enough but alright soI laid out everything I need I have mymelted vegan butter olive oil orvegetable oil for our peanut buttercookies need one egg and then there is atablespoon of water in there just cuz Ididn’t have anyone else to put it andthen for our chocolate chip cookies weneed 1 egg oh wait no the butter goes inthis one for this one we need thechocolate chips we need 1 egg and 1stick of butter M&Ms boom water oil eggpeanut butter and Reese’s all rightlet’s do this boom all of ouringredients in now we’re gonna mix themup my camera keeps dying so that’s whythis is so choppy but let’s mix up[Music]all right so it’s like 12 o’clock and Ijust put together a little smoothie I domixed fruit pineapple banana spinachchia seeds and almond milk because I’mnot gonna eat too much because we weregoing to the party and I know many foodthere so I just want to have a littlesmoothie and then I might have sometoast in a little bit too if I getreally hungry but it’s 12 o’clock andI’m like already hungry you know I justate at like 9:30 all right guys thefirst batch is done and now we’re goingto place our little Reese’s in themiddle to wrap some more presents as youjust saw I have a Christmas Prince theRoyal Wedding ready to go I still looklike trash because I’m gonna get readyafter I wrap some more presents but wehave actually kind of a lot of morewrapping to do but I love wrappingpresents as I said earlier so I’m gonnado that for the next like 40 minutes andthen start getting ready all the cookiesare made I had a little I didn’t drinkthat smoothie but I’m gonna save it forDylan and I had a little like half anegg and bacon sandwich so hopefullythat’ll hold me over[Music]hi guys so it is 3:15 now and I am readyto go I realized I’m probably not gonnavlog at the party because like I don’tblog at family events really unless it’smy family just because I don’t want toshow a camera on anyone’s face and Idon’t want to like be weird I guess Idon’t know but I’m gonna brush my teethand then wrap two more presents I thinkgetting up to more um before Dylan getshome in a half hour and we leave so yeahI just wanted to update you I’m ready Iknow I can show you what I’m wearing soI’m going to be pretty casual I justhave on these little socks that I gotfor Christmas last year I think fromJulia and then I have just some bluejeans the lighting is not good I don’tthink that made it better I have on thislittle sweater from Old Navy it’s comingup a really red but it’s more like apinky red and then I just have littlehoops from H&M my mom’s old chain and myMichael Kors watch so yeah that’s whatI’m wearing just wanted to be cute butcomfortable guys so I am babysittingright now it’s 8 o’clock and the partywas fun we had some good food and somecookies and now I’m going to edit thisvlog and get up for you guys I’mwatching Lizzie McGuire I’m so happy thefact that no most houses I babysat willprobably of Disney Plus is amazing eventhough we’ve been using well I haven’tactually used Molly’s we just watchedthe Santa Claus on it but Molly did giveus her login information but I’m sohappy I’m gonna watch this edityeah Kate my camera stopped working butI will see you guys tomorrowplease make sure to LIKE and subscribe Ican’t believe it’s vlogmas day is this15 I think it is this collab tomorrowoh my god like my back on track I thinkit is it’s basically up tomorrow whichmeans there’s 10 days till Christmas ohthat’s crazy this is like flying by butI hope you guys are enjoying vlogmas Iwas just thinking today about like allof the stuff I’ve done so far and likewe did a lot in this year but there’sstill more to come and the cruise andeverything it’s gonna be so fun so likeand subscribe so you don’t miss out andI will see you guys tomorrow[Music]

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