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We Tried The Viral Famous Amos Cookie Recipe | Eatbook Cooks – Circuit Bakers | EP 25

In this special episode of Eatbook Cooks – Circuit Bakers, we tried a viral Famous Amos chocolate chip cookie recipe. Find out if it’s worth the hype and try it out while we’re all staying at home!

Do note that there’s is a typo in the video. It’s 6 tbsp of cooking oil not tsp.

Check out the full recipe:

Famous Amos Cookie Recipe By Netizen Lets Us All Be Circuit Bakers

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Video Transcription

Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Cooks,and in today’s episode, we’re going to beOuch! Something cracked.In today’s episode, we spya very viral Famous Amos recipe,that our sister site MustShareNews shared,which they found on Facebook,that claims to be able to replicate…And it is so simple,that even kids can do it.So in the morning I went to get all my ingredients,and one tip for everyone is that,before you go out to buy all your ingredients,just take the time to write downwhat you need before going out to get it.I think, number one, it helps everyone save time,and, number two, certain shopsdo have a time limit, andyou don’t want to miss out on any ingredientsafter queuing for maybe, one hour or so.And not only that, we willleave the recipe in the description box below,so do check it out, if you’re interested inreplicating your own Famous Amos cookies.So here are the ingredients:So this cooking is as simple as it is,all we need to do is just follow the recipe.So firstly, you have to mix butter,sugar, egg and vanilla essence in a bowl.Make sure you incorporate everything in…They said that it’s going to take about 2 minutes.So this is currently what it looks like.Once done, to the same container,we’re going to add our wheat flour, corn starch,baking powder, baking soda,and our vegetable oil.Ooh, this is actually myfavourite, favourite part, because it’sso satisfying.If you go to the supermarket, you’ll probably seewheat flour, bread flour, pastry flour.They are basically all the same, just that they are a bitdifferent in terms of the amount of protein in it.The other time I baked with my friend,we baked through Zoom. I think it wasvery very fun, so maybe this is something thatyou and your friends can do together.Tag us on Instagram if you succeedin doing this cookie recipe!Anyway, I’ve been holding thisoil bowl for very long, I’m going to pour it in.Now we’re done putting inall the ingredients, we’re just going togive it a quick mix…Okay, so this one is going to take a while,because it’s a big batch.This is where you train your arm strength,keep mixing, until it becomes likea dough-like texture.Now, for the last item,(drumroll)The star of the show, which is the chocolate chips!Once you’re done popping in all the chocolate,we are going to mix again.So, just mix mix mix!Make sure every part of the doughhas the chocolate chips.Do you know Famous Amos cookies?Do you think I can beat it?So I’m done, TADA!!Once everything is mixed well,we’re going to cling wrap it, and then put it inthe fridge for 30 minutes.Bye bye! See you later!!(Editor’s note: Chinese lyrics that I might mess up if I try to sub)My oven just came!!!!So I have to unbox thisbefore baking the cookies with you all.Oh my god!There is another box! (Laughs)TADA!!!How do I take it out?Okay okay okay, I pull, you pull.One, two, three.Ta da!I’ve taken out my dough from the fridge,so I’m just going to unwrap it right now,It probably looks the same as before putting it in.Not much difference, just that it’sa bit harder.*sniff* Ooh, it does smell good!Alright, I’m going to continue reading the recipe andsee what she said… So,after you preheat the oven,you apply butter to the baking trayinstead of using baking paper.Because I remember, thatFamous Amos cookies areslightly small, almost like bite-sized.So I have taken a one-tablespoon spoon,to just measure and make sure thatall of them are of the same size.So one tablespoon…Take it out, and then… roll it.And then just place it.So I’m going to do one tray full of it.Okay, my cookie might be a little bit bigger thanthe Famous Amos one, but…you know, you do you.Now I’m done with one tray, so I’m going topop it into the oven, andaccording to the recipe, you have to bake it for 20 minutes.Ta da!!!I made a mistake. One tablespoon is too big.I’m going to do it again, because now I know what’s wrong.Instead, I’m going to make a pinch size.Which is this small.It’s almost as small as your eyeball.Far far apart…Okay! And we are done.Now I’m going to wash my hands,and then put it in the oven.So my first batch of cookies just came out,and it looks AMAZING!!!Look! Look, look look.So I’m just going to continuewith the remaining dough,and pop them into the oven.I believe this can make around40 pieces of cookie.And at the rate I’m going,it’s going to take a while,so I’ll talk to y’all in a bit,after I finish baking all of my cookies.Okay! I’m done with my cookies.Look at how beautiful they look.You know what goes best with cookies?A cup of milk!!So I’m going to pour myself a cup of milkas a treat.So, let’s taste test our cookie.Smells good, it does remind me of mewalking past Famous Amos.But, when I actually eat thechocolate chip cookie…*sniff*I think Famous Amos’ one has a bit more…nutty, kind of smell.While this one is just flat butter.But, you can always add almond nibsif you are interested in makingalmond chocolate chip cookies.I believe it will taste nice.(beautiful crunching sounds)MmmMm!!!First things first, it’s crunchy.It’s definitely like your Famous Amoskind of cookie.But is it comparable to Famous Amos’ cookie…I would say, for its ingredientsand the time you need to make these,it’s a not-bad recipe.The cookie is really nice,and I think, definitely, kids will love it,because it’s sweet, and…I think even adults like me,would love it.Mmm!!!It is nice. I would make this again.Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Cooks!If you liked this video, watch more over there.And don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!Try the cookie!!!!!!!!Whee! (Laughs)

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