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Vlogmas Days 20 & 21 | FabFitFun Unboxing | Making Cookies | Leading at Church

Hi, my name is Sharon and welcome to my channel! My channel theme is, “Living single in a couples world.” When I’m not at my full-time job, I love to cook and spend time in my garden. In addition, I own my own home and try to keep up with all the chores that come along with home ownership. I have two dogs, Ellie and Macy, who are both rescue dogs, and one cat, Sokka, who I adopted from the Humane Society. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my life and will subscribe and become a regular viewer of my channel. Thank you so much for watching!


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Video Transcription

[Music]everybody sharing here welcome back tomy channel and welcome back to anotherday of vlogmastoday it’s a Saturday and it is one ofthe Saturdays is leaking where I got amassage this morning so it’s a quarterto one and that pretty much takes up mywhole morning on Saturday so I feel sogood I think it’s really important to dothat for a couple of reasonsfirst of all I found someone who isreally really good and it works out anyknots or whatever you have going on inyour muscles do you want to be in thevideo as soon as I start talking youthink I’m talking to you yes you do andsecond of all the person I work withdoes a lot of balancing of energy andstuff like that and so I get all mychakra spinning and my energy balancethen it’s just really good another thingthat’s important about it is for thoseof us who are single and are dating it’sreally important to have another humanbeing touch you you know even if it’syou know a hug or whatever but I go forso long without anyone like literallyanybody touching meI get hugs for my girlfriends and stufflike that but that’s it I was probablyimportant to be touched by human beinganother human being and I think that youknow I’m just grateful that I have foundthis person and she can do it so I’m allset to gomy girlfriend’s gonna be coming overhere probably in like an hour hour and ahalf and we are going to work on someChristmas cookies I’ve got here I don’tyou can see them pretzels and chocolateand we’re in just some chocolate dippretzels and we are going toI want to make some pika fingers and Iwant to make some spritz those are thetwo because those two hold for quite awhile they store pretty well and it iswhat is today the 14th so we have 11days until Christmas and I usually bringa Christmas platter of cookies to workon the day of our Christmas party ourChristmas party is this Wednesday we’regonna have our Christmas party and so Ilike to bring a platter of cookies forthe Christmas party so I’m gonna do thatbut while I’m sitting here my table is amess hereI got this box now this is the box Ibought subscription box to replace myBirchbox subscription because one thisbox ships four times a year and one ofthese costs three months of the birchbox so I ended up canceling the birchbox subscription and buying this oneI’ll try it for a few times and we’llsee if I like it or not so this is theirwinter 2019 box so in here you get theirmagazine that tells you all about theiritems in the box then there’s articlesand stuff like that so these the itemsin this box are supposed to be worthover $200 regular box cost 50 bucks andin here is a coupon for a hello freshhave any of you are tried them I’venever tried them I would really love tofind a Keadle friendly meal service Kitofriendly for one would be good althoughI could make it work for two butall right I don’t rememberso I remember picking this out so he didpick these items this is a bracelet andit’s got Swarovski crystals around it soit’s got the rose gold with Swarovskicrystals available at Bloomingdale’sNordstrom and adorn jewelry calm sothat’s cuteI don’t want any bracelets in thewintertime because I always have longsleeves on and you don’t see themthis item is an original coffee scrub byFrank body says guess what you’ll benaked in one minute so it says get nakedand wet in the shower mush scrub overyour entire body reseal the bag keep mein the shower rinse your bod use me 2 to3 times a week for best results so oneof the things I like about thesesubscription boxes is it allows me totry things that I wouldn’t normally tryI’ve found some really good items fromthese boxes and then I go to try to buythem here and there’s nowhere you canbuy them so you gotta buy them websitesbut this should be interesting the onlything I’m worried about is I reallydon’t want to put coffee grounds down onmy dream so I don’t know how I feelabout putting coffee grounds it’ll beinteresting to see what this is likemaybe it’s just coffee flavored do theyhave ingredients on here coffee robustusseed powder coffee okay interesting so Ilove body scrubs face scrubs all thatkind of stuffso this thing I don’t remember pickingmissed but it doesn’t matter becausethese are awesome this is a towel I havea small one of these like a microfibertowel and you wet it and then wipe offyour makeup and it works really well nowI have this little one I have I’m inlike pushing it to its limits so I and Iremember I was on the fence about this Ididn’t know if I wanted to get this orwanted to get the other thing theyoffered I must chose this but I thinkI’m gonna get this for my girlfriend forChristmasdon’t tell her ok but yeah these aregreatso this particular thing is a bluetoothshower speaker I don’t really listen tomusic when I’m in the shower I likequiet but um I thought this would make agood gift for someone so I’m gonna givethat away this gift we did pick this oneKate Somerville my favorite makeup goatmilk moisturizing creamI mean if it’s kid Somerville it’s gotto be good they probably have the retailvalue of it in here smells goodthat’s a big it is it’s kids oh mythat’s gotta be good wonder if thereI’ll go to the same later until youprices Prep Rally this is by DrybarPrime and prep detangler I don’t need adetangler somebody interesting to see ifthat worksthis is nails inc london thirsty himsuper hydrating hands maskI don’t remember picking this either andthen last of mine I know I didn’t pickthis I want to cut this is a 2020planner let’s open it look at it likepaper sourceit’s basically month at a glance oh itdoes have weekly so when we look at thisbox there are some things in here I didnot pick so obviously they weren’tavailable I don’t know I’m still on thefence with that’s it fun they will getprobably one more time and then theywill get one more chance and then I’llcancel let me try something else if Idon’t like it I haven’t gotten somereally nice things from them but some ofthese things like I would not pick ahair detangler wouldn’t pick that I didpick the Bluetooth speaker I would notpick the planner because I’m using myown planners that are we thought solet’s see if I can find pricesyeah the stuff I did not pick the keepsomerville lotion is $65 so you pickyour backs right there that’s this Iremember having these choices and Ididn’t get any of this stuff the showerspeaker is $30 the jewelry the bracelet$39 the planner 2795 I mean I can buy areally nice happy planner for that thecoffee scrub 1695 the hand masking 16dollars did detanglers $23 and themakeup eraser is $20alright fabfitfun you get one more timeand then I will be canceling yes I don’tget more of the things that I pickbecause when I picked them and said theywere available I it’s really crappy dayoutsideit’s a typical winter day insoutheastern Wisconsin it’s gray it’scold it’s 26 degrees it’s damn we hadwest of here where I went to get mymassage they had some freezing rain thismorning the roads were really slipperyhere we didn’t get that you knocked herhead on the camera my dogs need a bathso bad[Music]and so I am going to right now go andtake the you know who’s for a wal K so Ihave to go change and put some warmerpants on and then I’ll get them all setand going and they will be nice and calmfor the rest of day we’re not gonna goto the co GPA our cake todayso all right should we go do this huhall right see a little bit one morething they had a really good deal onthis hand lotionI discovered this hand lotion throughone of the I got a sample of it’s fromone of my subscription boxes and it isit’s probably sealed it is the mostdivine scent you can find it at Ulta andthey have it on sale for 25% off everyonce in a while I believe this normalprice it’s like twenty four to thirtydollars for this which is how manyounces 5.1 ounces and they had it onsale for six bucks so I added it in sospecial size limited edition that was agood deal I can’t even get it on sale atUlta for less than that okay now we’regoingright thereokayokayso Colleen and I have been busy theseare Mexican wedding cakes and then Imade pecan fingers and what were thesecalled their secret kiss surprise butthey’re a chocolate chip one chocolatechip kiss surprises they’re divine andthen over here these are spritz and whatI do is I put some sugar and then one ofthose little cinnamon hots in there andthen we have one more or your chocolatechip surprise that’s right yeah look atthose don’t those look good mm-hmm thewhole thing YUM hashtag not ketofriendly today is Sunday[Music]and ready already because I’m going tobe helping out with service today nowone of the things I’ve kind of growninto in my church and back up that likesa little like is when we have twopastors in our church and I know thereare a lot of pastors out there whohandle the whole service themselves butour congregation has kind of gotten usedto having two pastors so when one of thepastors is out the other one will ask meto come and fill in and what thatinvolves is writing the prayer there’s amain prayer throughout in the middle ofthe service and so I write that prayerand then with this particular pastor shehas me do call to worship and somethingwe call our ministry moment which iskind of you know your community serviceannouncement church so I’m going to bedoing that today and it’s a long morningit really is and it’s exhausting becauseyou can’t just sit there and enjoyservice you’re basically constantlythinking okay am i up next what do Ihave to do next all that kind of stuffso and then in addition I’m singing fora second service because I told her I’mlike well I’m singing second service soyou will have to you know kind of not bebecause I have to do transitions betweenwhat I’m doing like after we sing thefirst hymn I somehow I have to get up tothe podium to sing or to do the call toworship and that kind of stuff so it’sI’m gonna be exhausted when I get home Ican tell you that right away and let’ssee what else am I going to do todayColleen and I need to finishwe never did our chocolate dippedpretzels yesterday because she was sobusy she didn’t even get here until like3:30and let’s see what else I want to takethe dogs to the dog park it’s reallycold out it’s 12 degrees it’s supposedto be windy and miserable but the sun’ssupposed to be out like that it reallyhelps when it’s this coldit helps up here when the Sun is outthat’s where it helps what else I needto do some meal prep I think for lunchthis week I’m just going to have somekind of sandwich and I’m gonna meal prepa breakfast I think that’s it so so thatwill be ityouwell I made it I survived I got throughboth services and I’m exhausted so Ihave to give my brain a rest for a whilebecause that’s a lot of juggling aroundto do with to do all thatespecially second service because I’msinging at the same time it’s a job huhwe sing a couple songs that one I neverhad sung before and one I haven’t sungin a while and I did not get a rehearsalso sight reading on a microphone is notfun it’s just not fun so I hope I don’tever have to do that again it was my badI didn’t look at my music last night Ishowed up but I didn’t so what am Igonna do today if I can get myselfmotivated I’m gonna do some meal prepbut I don’t know if that’s gonna happenended up going to lunchyep hashtag not Kido and now we aregoing to the do gparc a at supposed tobe there too which means I have an hourand 20 minutes to be productive butinstead I would rathereat these cookies maybe I’ll have one -I’m going overboard I’m a dick so youtouched me with this wet dog I’m gonnachange and see if I can get motivatedI’m not I’m not guaranteeing anything soI think that’s gonna be it for todaythank you so much for staying with metoday and spending the day with me and Ilook forward to seeing you tomorrowhi everybody[Music]

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