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VLOGMAS DAY 7 | Making Cookies Again | JesseniaAndGabrianna

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Video Transcription

good morning guys it’s Sunday now Ithink I’m gonna go out later so I’mgonna start getting ready like I’m gonnaget ready ready but like just put onlike an outfit and do my hair cuzCinnabon fast so yeah I’ll talk to youguys when I’m done getting readyhey guys almost done getting ready andI’m gonna show you guys the fit so Ijust have my hair in a low ponytail andthen I have a white tank up on and thenI have this pink jacket and then I havethese like blue jeans and then I have mywhite boots okay guys so um we’re at thegas station right now man well thisweekend no because there’s a guy thatlooks like Santa and she wants to get apicture him she really turned around andah it’s not looks like Santa he is Santaboom we’ve seen like three Santa’simpresseddang we saw when we went to go eatbreakfast was only at the mall and nowwe’re seeing one at the gas station it’sand she turned around to take a picturelike we were in line I’m like we’reabout to the goal be to go to Walmartand she turned around because she sawhim in the car gonna see him everybodygets to witness him right now this is mymom she hasn’t watched any of my videosshe isn’t even subscribed or anythingbut you know how to watch makeup video Ijust look it up insert yeah we couldlook at my channel is a him here hecomesokay great cominghey guys we just got at the mall we’relike finding a parking spot it is packedso let’s see if we can even find aparking spot hey guys we’re at walmartnow we’re getting stuff for cookies okayguys so we just got done at Walmart andhe spent too much money yeah we didn’teven get grush and you got like centercooking we didn’t get anything we didbarely anything got stuff we’re likemaking cookies so we’re gonna go homeI’m gonna get ready and then my grandmaand my hand are coming over so that wecan make Christmashi guys so I just got ice cream I neverthinking you know would you getokay okay guys so this is my hand andthen that’s high rate and that’s Sydneyand then there’s my grandma we’re eatingTaco Bell right now today’s vlogmasso today’s cookie game peace out we’llsee you when we’re making cookies so I’mback now and we have the cookies andcookie ingredients out and this cookthat’s Chris he’s my number-one fanthank you that is not really friendlywe’re gonna have to blur those out yeahmom lets her cute little apron I maystop there Lenny come here we’re gonnabe in the videoso you just finished rusting cookies andnot worry about to take pictures there’slike there’s like five or six or sevenleft I think we’re gonna go eat now butnot here like somewhere else I thinkwe’re gonna go to Burger Kingso yeah I’ll talk to you guys and we’reworking[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]hey guys we’re Burger King now so it’sgot the original chicken sandwich andthen I got french fries so no yeahhey guys wearing Kohl’s now like I stopwe’re gonna do more we’re gonna do likeshopping actually I don’t know I don’teven know why we’re here right now thisis going to be the end of the video sowe hope you guys enjoyed please likecomment and subscribe and we’ll see youguys down log mistake

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